Michael Jackson Estate Could Face Serious Damages After California’s Tough Child Sex Assault Bill Becomes Law

California's New Child Sexual Assault Law Could Result in Damages Against Michael Jackson's Estate
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California's New Child Sexual Assault Law Could Result in Damages Against Michael Jackson's Estate
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Image by Antonio Manfredonio (CC by 2.0)

A new California law intended to help survivors of childhood sexual assault could result in serious damages against the Michael Jackson Estate.

Recently, The Blast uncovered documents filed in an appellate court indicating that California’s Assembly Bill 218 could be used against the late Michael Jackson and his estate. Only a few weeks ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law.

Earlier, Wade Robson accused Michael Jackson of long-term sexual abuse in the controversial documentary, Leaving Neverland.

Taking effect on New Year’s Day in 2020, Assembly Bill 218 increases the amount of time victims of childhood sexual assault have to file claims against their alleged perpetrators. They now can sue up until their 40th birthday or within 5 years after they discovered that they were in some way psychologically scarred by the abuse.

Victims may also sue third-party non-perpetrators up until their 40th birthday. That is, unless these parties “knew or had reason to know” there was “a risk of childhood sexual assault” and did nothing about it.

Wade Robson is 37 years old.  The other accuser was James Safechuck, who is now over 40.

The new law changes everything.

In 2015, Robson filed a lawsuit against both the estate of Michael Jackson and those he accused of not only knowing about the abuse, but also facilitating it. But because of the law in force at the time, a judge dismissed the suit.

Robson then appealed the decision, which is why it is currently in appellate court. While he and his legal representatives believe that the new law could dramatically affect the outcome of their appeal, Jackson’s estate insists that the appeal should be based on the law as it is today and be concluded prior to the new law’s effect next year.

Interestingly, according to Billboard, streams of Michael Jackson’s music have actually increased since the release of Leaving Neverland. While radio play of his songs have fallen nearly a third since the documentary came out, streams of his music have increased by 22%.

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  1. SickMusicIndustry

    While your favorite artists earn minimum wage, PEDOPHILES ARE EARNINGS MILLIONS.


  2. sep

    everyone knows michael jackson was innocent.wade robson and james safechuck r vultures and false accusers after money .

    • Jacko attracts douche bags and pedophles

      Filthy freak. The king of pedophiles is dead and his estate is going down.

  3. lulu

    Watch lies of Leaving Neverland, watch Square about the 1993 allegations, and read all the court documents from each case. Dont believe these Mother f*c*ers or the media. Jackson’s never had a credible accusation that wasnt motivated by millions of dollars

    • Jacko was a pedo

      That’s funny because square one which was poorly made by some douche bag in Canada is rife with all lies that were debunked. You didn’t watch LN because you’re too ignorant to get much. Where were you when Wacko was paying out 23 million to his other vicitms?

  4. Josh

    “In 2015 Robson filed a lawsuit”

    You just gonna leave out his original 2013 creditors claim under seal? Bye the bye, statute of limitations is not what tanked his suit. His amendment got it passed the demure stage into discovery where he intentionally withheld evidence from the judge. Including two drafts of a book he wrote and was shopping for publishers in late 2012. Curious, because he claims he didn’t realize he was abused until 2013, conveniently right after the stature of limitations for perjury from his 2005 testimony expired. He also claimed in his amendment he didn’t know who to sue or that Jackson had an estate even though he had been in recurring contact with John Branca the estate’s co-executor since at least 2009. The judge over his repeated and flagrant lies, tossed Robson’s own witness statement in his own suit, saying “No rational jury would ever find it credible”. The amendment fails, and without the amendment, on paper it appears like just statue of limitations.

    • Zed

      I’d quit your arm chair lawyer class if I were you. You just failed miserably.

  5. David S

    Dear Marsha,

    If you did 5 minutes of research, you will see that this lawsuit is on a train (pun-intended) to no where. There are soooo many lies that have already ben exposed. This new law will not help them, the credibility of this accuser is in the toilet.

  6. Weird

    Lots of pedos here supporting that PROVED PEDOPHILE WEIRDO MICHAEL JACKSON.

    Get to fuck and admit the guy was a monster… Shady as fuck supporting him!

    And I really hope there’s trillions of successful stream manipulators because reading his streams got an 22% increase makes me feel sick. MUCH BETTER TO GIVE MONEY TO A SCAMMER THAN A PEDOPHILE. Bit off topic but appropriate still.


    • bob

      To “weird”: I advise you to research the case. The accusers lied repeatedly throughout their failed civil claim against MJ Estate, which was dismissed in 2017. They lied to get around statute of limitations. The claimed events happened in a buildings NOT built for years. The changed their stories. they contradicted themselves and each other. Leaving Neverland only served to compound these issues as what they say in the film (in some cases) doesn’t agree with what they put in their legal documentation.

      This article tries to make it seem as though MJ Estate should be worried. They shouldn’t. They accusers are liars and they can prove it. In fact they have said it very openly and publicly without being sued. why? Because it’s true. By going on film to further contradict themselves and expose more untruths in their case, Wade and James actually DAMAGED their credibility even more than it was when the judge said “no rational fact finder would believe it”.

      I doubt this case will go to any civil trial as a result of the new Bill, but if it does then Wade and James made it a whole lot harder to win.

      BTW the author (Marsha) clearly misunderstands how all this works and hasn’t been following the case closely at all. Wade and James already had TWO failed appeals and the have been deliberately dragging this out in the hope of getting “another bite of the cherry”. But they shot themselves in the foot

      • Jacko was a raging pedophile

        Had you done any research instead of looking up your ass. You’d know this lawsuit is heading to court. You have zero credibility. The new law is there for them. Too bad if you don’t like it. Where were you when wacko was paying out millions to his other vicitms?

    • Teddy

      Proved? By no court or person. Accusations? Yes. Guilty – not found.

      • Zed

        Bobmoo as you used to troll with that name from the UK. You have no cred ever. Your mindless ramblings and talking out of your fat ass means nothing when it comes to our court system. You sound like that filthy fat pig and pedophile himself, charles thomson. Your knowledge of our legal system is shit.

    • David S

      Why you mad?! If you feel that way don’t listen to or buy his music. Your obsession is unhealthy.

      • Zed

        I don’t becuase it’s shit. Aren’t you that insanemjfan? Why you infesting your bull shit here? MJ proved himself a pedophiile. 23 million in hush money in fact for harming yet another child. His own words too. Do you like drug addicts too? He died one.

    • S Hayes

      You really are an Ill-educated moron! Nothing against Michael was ever ‘proved’ (great grammar), the only thing that has been proven are the many lies told in Leaving Neverland.
      Your intelligence level is far below the normal average!

      • Jacko was a pedo

        You mad? Good! Your deflection is an epic fail you foolish freak. You never saw LN that’s how much you don’t know. Emmy Award and the most watched documentary in history trumps that epic fail Square One by two idiots on you tube. Their lies were debunked. Deal with it or don’t. You are a nobody and miserable rabid. I can see you drooling hater half wit.

  7. Jenny

    I’m not a big fan of Michael – obviously I enjoy his music, who does? But honestly, can we get this over with already? These mens’ stories have been proven false. Can we talk about reliable victims, such as Harvey Weinstein’s? It seems like no one is paying attention to him, and everyone is only paying attention to the phony documentary.

    • Zed

      What? No one proved anything false. You’re deluded obviously. This is going to court because they are true. Are you retarded or something? Seek help..

  8. Bob is a lying windbag and pedophile

    Bob moo is nothing but a UK troll who is wrong as the day is long. He’s is also a pedophile himself. Fuck off Bob who is also John..etc. You desperate flea bag fanatic. Your lies don’t count for shit you low life degenerate only wacko jacko attracts. Wacko Jacko was a pedophile and the Estate will pay for his crimes.

  9. HH

    It looks like the writer did not read the brief filed in 2016 by Wade’s second lawyers Findalli asking for Child Negligence against MJJ Production employees for failing to protect Wade and James and any unknown others. On Dec 19, 2018 Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff summary judgment ruling was against the now-35-year-old Wade Robson saying MJ was the sole shareholder of MJJ Production and that the alleged abuse took place at MJ’s private residence not his business based on testimony from Wade and James! He ruled the Secretary had no control over MJ much less at his private home. He stated in his ruling Wade had problems lying in depositions, and Wade was working on a book deal during the case. Wade’s Mother admitted in depositions she was aware of the Chandler case and did not believe MJ harmed anyone. She was Wades Manager and mother and was at Neverland with Wade and his sister and approved of it. She testified for MJ. Wade’s mother is who contacted the MJJ Corporation wanting MJ to help her family get to the US it was not MJ contacting her. The media needs to stop saying the only thing Judge Beckloff ruled on was the statue of Limitation because that is not accurate. The issue of culpability of the corporation has also been addressed.

    • Wacko Jacko was not innocent!

      He is not anything. He’s dead. Jeesh, didn’t they teach you past tense in 2nd grade or did you drop out by that time?