Apple Officially Unveils TV+ ⁠— Get Ready for Some Serious Bundling

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Apple TV+ is now available in over 100 countries and across a wide range of devices.

The service launches with several Apple Original shows, including “The Morning Show,” “See,” and “For All Mankind.” Three episodes of each of the new shows are available now ⁠— Apple TV will release new episodes weekly on Friday.

Several other original shows will debut in the coming months to bolster Apple’s new subscription-driven strategy. Those shows include “Servant,” “Truth Be Told,” “Little America,” “Hala,” and “The Banker.”

Apple is offering a seven-day free trial of Apple TV+ to new customers. Those who buy a new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod Touch, or Mac can get one year of Apple TV+ free. Students around the world can enjoy a bundled Apple Music and Apple TV+ subscription.

With Apple looking to drive new revenue through subscriptions, bundling makes sense. Subscription fatigue has become a real thing many people feel, and bundles are a great way for Apple to offer content that may otherwise be looked over. If the student bundle plan is successful, we could see something similar for regular subscribers.

Apple’s original content doesn’t stop at just new TV shows. The company has produced several music documentaries that are available to watch on Apple Music right now. Will those eventually make their way over to Apple’s newest streaming platform?

Five years down the line, I see all of Apple’s entertainment options bundled into one Apple+ subscription. Offering discounts for charging those subscriptions to an Apple credit card seems likely, too.

Apple is launching its new streaming service just two weeks ahead of Disney+. At $7.99/month with much more content than Apple will provide, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Apple’s best bet here may be to bundle its video offering with Apple Music to compete with Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and a host of other streaming services.

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  1. Nicky Knight

    Gotta say, I have subscription fatigue.. it’s becoming the norm for business software and before you know it a large chunk of your monthly income is going out on subs as well as all the other bills and expenses that we all have to deal with..

    It’s expensive, house, car, monthly metro (train/bus/tram) tickets, utilities, food, leisure, education, music streaming, tv streaming, software subscriptions, news subs…

    Where does it all end… probably in bankruptcy!!!