Spotify Delivers ‘Location-Aware’ 3D Augmented Reality Playlists

Spotify Magic Leap
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The Spotify Magic Leap app has launched, bringing music streaming to the augmented reality platform. The app displays a location-aware 3D Spotify interface.

The app requires a Spotify Premium subscription to use. The Magic Leap One mixed reality headset shipped to founders last year ⁠— starting at $2,295.

The headset is primarily aimed at artists and app developers and looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The Magic Leap One features built-in speakers situated near the ears.  There’s also a jack for headphones for private listening.

Spotify is the first major music streaming service to launch an app for the Magic Leap headset.

The Spotify app for Magic Leap takes advantage of the recently launched Background Music Service. Users can continue listening to their music on Spotify while using other Magic Leap One apps on their device.

The app is spatially aware, allowing users to pin recently played artists, albums, or tracks to locations in their homes. The content builds over time, allowing users to collect and curate their playlists on a per-room basis. It also gives users the ability to create soundscapes for each room in their house.

Magic Leap hopes the launch of this app is just the first step in expanding spatial computing. Soon the technology could extend to podcasts, audiobooks, and other storytelling mediums.

The mixed reality start-up previously raised $2.6 billion in funding back in April. The company is seeking more funding as it continues to flesh out its mixed reality headset. Magic Leap has been quiet about its platform this year, but the launch of the Spotify app is a big step forward.

Just recently, attendees at the Siggraph Computer Animation Festival got to experience the story of Frankenstein through the eyes of a young Mary Shelley. They also announced a partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company to build new theatrical experiences using spatial computing technology.

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  1. Aussie Jack

    It just came on…
    That’s what Facebook users experienced with phone cameras
    Wonder what this will do?
    Does anyone who uses spot-a-lie a conniving company who screws artists over On a second by second basis want their every move recorded sold to the highest bidder of YOUR AUDIENCES MOVEMENTS. An audience who are paying for the pleasure?
    Don’t send your audience here if you can help it
    Maybe we should mass email our fans and tell them our concerns with this platform.
    And Ashley we have our beef but good article