Are Spotify and Pandora Testing a New Tempo-Based Playlist Feature?

Tempo-based Playlist

Photo Credit: Unsplash

A tempo-based playlist option could be coming soon to Spotify and Pandora.

Both music streaming services have filed for patents related to tempo-based playlists. First revealed on November 14th by the USPTO (but filed years before) are two patents that seem similar on the surface.

Spotify’s patent appears to be on searching media content based on tempo. That means if you like the beat of a specific song, Spotify can recommend other songs with the same tempo.

Pandora’s patent approach is similar but appears geared around creating a tempo-based playlist. The playlist is generated using a seed song with a target tempo range. Pandora’s service can then calculate the target tempo range and create a filtered playlist of songs in that range.

“The media items in the filtered playlist have tempos within the target tempo range. The content server provides the media items in the filtered playlist to the client device.”

Pandora is taking that one step further with another patent for selecting media for a social event ⁠— based on specified event parameters.

The general idea would be to feed a seed song to the playlist generator, along with event parameters.

“The content server selects media items based on the event parameters and the seed value and uses the selected media items to generate the media playlist for the social event. The media items in the playlist are retrieved from a media database and provided to a media player for presentation at the social event.”

These patents suggest both companies are working on similar ideas. Of course, a patent filing is no guarantee that the feature will eventually surface. But these three patents might give us a glimpse into future features for Pandora and Spotify. Pandora’s social events playlist is an interesting feature that could set the streaming service a part from others. What do you think?

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