Apple Music Launches Replay ⁠— Borrowing Spotify’s Wrapped Playlist

Apple Music Replay
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Apple Music Replay
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Photo Credit: Apple

Apple Music Replay is a new playlist that tracks your most popular tracks over the year. It’s similar to Spotify’s Wrapped ⁠— with one key difference.

The Replay playlist offers musical highlights to users, including the most listened artists and tracks. The customized playlist can be shared with friends and family. All Apple Music subscribers can view their current Replay playlists at

If you’ve been subscribed to Apple Music since the beginning, you can see each year’s data. Spotify’s Wrapped is a similar concept, offering an end-of-year recap on your user-generated analytics.

Spotify’s Wrapped summary is only available at the end of each year, while Apple Music Replay is available all year long.

The data insights offered by Replay are updated every Sunday on Apple Music. On the one hand, it’s interesting to see that data at a glance, but I think Spotify’s wrap-up approach is excellent.

It’s nice to look back at the end of the year and be surprised by the trends you see. Unfortunately, Spotify only calculates streams from January 1st to October 31st. Apple’s consistently updated numbers do paint a more accurate picture for the user.

The multi-year playlist available year-round is an interesting feature. But it also serves to illustrate just how data-driven music streaming has become — and how it can be used to paint a picture of you. Both Spotify and Apple Music have this feature now ⁠— which service is next to follow?

Remember back in 2015 when the world was absorbed with ‘Trap Queen’ by Fetty Wap? Maybe not, but all the streaming music services do.

How long will it take before someone’s music and podcast choices are ‘leaked’ as a way to embarrass them? We’re already in a world where old yearbook photos and tweets can cost people their jobs after being resurfaced. I don’t think it’s quite The Onion material anymore to imagine how listening data could also be used nefariously.

2 Responses

  1. Make Me A Bird

    I got no numbers for Apple like 5 plays 50c like 3 months ago I thought JESUS I must REALLY Suck… And who gets paid that much for a stream?
    Then I go on Harry Fox look to see what licensing “opportunities” I had waiting for me and wouldn’t you know I had a offer from Apple they wanted to license my lyrics until the year 2099…

    Yeah not a misprint 2099
    So what is really going on over at apple?

    I also had a first round vote for Grammy almost not go though because someone at Apple Music mislabeled the dates of my album upload and Grammy thought I had tried to commit a fraud. You can only submit music from that year.

    We tried so hard to get Apple to fix the error and they did but not with out making me look like a liar to Grammy…And Several long distance calls to Israel because they don’t take care of that kind of stuff in the USA

    I even had an Apple employee call me from her cell phone after my call and give me the number to legal…

    So yeah proceed with caution on Apple Indies!