Scalpers Are Selling Tickets to Kanye West’s Megachurch Appearance for $300

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Kanye West will hold a Sunday Service at Joel Osteen’s megachurch this weekend. The announcement briefly brought down Ticketmaster’s website.

The ‘Jesus is King’ service will be at Lakewood Church in Houston at two different times. The 11 am worship service will include pastor Joel Osteen interviewing West about overcoming adversity and his faith.

At 7 pm, West will put on a musical performance with his Sunday Service Collective choir. The event will also be live-streamed on YouTube.

A small portion of the available tickets were made available on Friday. The Ticketmaster pre-sale led to a frenzy and briefly brought down the website. Irritated fans began tweeting at Kim Kardashian to get the site fixed.

Many of the free tickets are now being scalped on Twitter for $300 a pop. Prices on eBay seem to range from $60 up to $200 per ticket, depending on the auction.

“This is a FREE event, but attendees must have a mobile e-ticket. A FREE general admission mobile e-ticket can be obtained through or the TicketMaster App beginning at 10 am on Saturday, Nov. 16. Anything other than Ticketmaster would be fraudulent,” said a spokesperson.

These scalpers are offering access to a Ticketmaster account registered for the event. At least a handful of them appear to be from the pre-sale for current church members.

Kanye West Scalper
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Around 17,000 seats were reserved for church members through a special pre-offer. Other tickets went on sale at 10 am this morning.

Doors for the concert will open at 5:30 pm, while concert-goers can get in line as early as 4 pm. Kanye West’s latest album, Jesus is King ⁠— is an unabashedly gospel-focused album. Pitchfork rightfully called it a “richly produced but largely flawed record about one man’s love of the Lord (and himself.)”

This partnership with Joel Osteen and the spectacle of it is precisely Kanye’s style. Scalpers are definitely making a killing on the impromptu announcement, though.