mxmtoon Inks Broad-Reaching Publishing Deal with Kobalt

mxmtoon Inks Broad-Reaching Publishing Deal with Kobalt
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Kobalt announced that they have signed 19-year-old singer-songwriter mxmtoon, who is also known as Maia, to a wide-ranging publishing deal.

The worldwide agreement includes administration, synchronization and creative support for the singer’s current catalog as well as all future works.

mxmtoon, which is pronounced “em-ex-em-toon,” issued a statement in conjunction with the announcement. She said, “I’ve been excited to work with Kobalt from the get go. I love that there are so many different types of individuals involved in conversations about what new ways artists can achieve their goals.”

The ukulele-playing mxmtoon, who has already had 300 million streams in her short career, released her debut EP plum blossom in December of last year, which was recorded in her parents’ spare bedroom. She followed this with her debut album two months ago, which was entitled the masquerade. She also has already held a successful international tour.

Spotify has even created a podcast centered around her.

Kobalt also issued statements in conjunction with the announcement.

Melissa Emert-Hutner, who is the vice president of creative at Kobalt said, “Maia is truly the voice of her generation; by sharing her beautiful, heartfelt music with the world and growing her brand organically, she exemplifies the DIY spirit and aesthetic that Kobalt embraces.”

Emily Bines, who is senior creative director of Kobalt, added, “mxmtoon is exactly the type of forward-thinking creative that we dream about working with at Kobalt. Her vision, matched with her team’s passion to bring it to fruition is unwavering. We will be hearing from Maia for a long time to come.”