Tidal Tries Algorithmic Music Video Playlists ⁠— ‘My Video Mix’

Tidal My Video Mix Playlist
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Tidal My Video Mix Playlist
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Photo Credit: Tidal

Tidal is trying its hand at an algorithmic-based music video playlist. The new ‘My Video Mix’ creates a personalized video playlist based on listening history.

Tidal says its editorial team influences the playlist’s recommendations. The mix is divided up into eight different video playlists in a dedicated video tab. Each playlist will feature a mix of artists and genres. Those who frequently listen on Tidal will see a rapidly changing playlist.

The Tidal ‘My Video Mix’ playlists can be saved for offline viewing, too. A new video tab is now available in the Tidal app to accommodate these new playlists.

Tidal CCO Lior Tibon says the new video playlists are intended to provide a best-in-class music experience.

“From original content to full-length movies and stunning visuals from artists in its unparalleled video catalog, Tidal provides its members with well-rounded music experience. My Video Mix and the app redesign reaffirms TIDAL’s commitment to creating a best-in-class experience for members.”

Tidal is facing stiff competition as major music players start peddling HiFi tracks. Amazon Music HD has taken a big gamble by betting on HiFi audio. They’ve also got deep enough pockets to use The Beatles to advertise their new HD music service.

The Jay-Z owned music company may have been an early pioneer in high-definition audio. However, it is no longer the only player.

Tidal’s decision to offer music videos to listeners already engaged with the platform helps to keep them out of YouTube Music’s backyard.

YouTube Music is one of the fastest-growing music apps, thanks to it becoming a default app on Android.  Spotify has inked hardware deals with Samsung to keep their app in the Android ecosystem.  It’s unclear how well Tidal’s partnership with Sprint has paid off, however.

For now, Tidal is offering a Black Friday deal to entice new subscribers. New users can get four months of premium for $1, or four months of HiFi for $2. That’s the entire price for the whole four-month period. The offer is only available to new subscribers, but it severely undercuts what Spotify and Google are offering.