YouTube Music Joins the Free Trial Arms Race, Offers 3 Month Free Trials Worldwide

YouTube Music
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YouTube Music
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Photo Credit: YouTube

YouTube Music has announced a new extended free trial offering for new users. The offer competes directly with Spotify and Apple Music’s recently expanded free trials.

U.S. users can get an extended three-month free trial of YouTube Premium during Cyber Week. Starting December 2 to December 8, all new users will get three months of YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium includes ad-free and background play and downloads.

Holiday offers for YouTube Music Premium are available for the United States, France, Norway, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Poland, Turkey, India, Japan, and Thailand.

All new YouTube Music Premium subscribers will get a three-month extended trial. Those in Canada can sign up and receive a Nest Mini for free after they make their second payment. Canadians can sign up for their three-month free trial starting December 9 and lasting through January 9.

That offer is similar to the one Spotify is offering in the United States with three-month free trials and a Google Home Mini.

YouTube Music Premium’s extended three-month free trial will be available starting December 2 through January 5.

Deezer is also offering a three-month free trial for users who sign up for their HiFi subscription tier. Meanwhile, Tidal is offering four month trials of regular or HiFi streaming for $1 or $2, respectively.

Amazon Music HD is offering four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for only $0.99. They’re also offering select Echo devices four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers will also be able to upgrade their individual plan to a family plan for two months free.

YouTube’s extended three-month free trial is generous for the holiday season, but somewhat stingy elsewhere. Purchasing a new Nest Hub Max, a $229 device ⁠— only nets new users a two-week free trial. No wonder users are leaving the Google smart home ecosystem in droves in favor of other alternatives.

2 Responses

  1. Tom Hendricks

    Pennies for play, part of the music revolution, will end all these monthly bills, get rid of middlemen, and get cash directly to content providers. Real shame that you guys block music news like this!

  2. Jon Smith

    So if I want to start my trial on January 5 I will still get 3 months or 3 months trial is only valid till December 8? I’m confused cuz I want to start trial as late as possible so i could get most out of it