Kid Rock’s Restaurant In Detroit Is Shutting Down Following Tirade Against Oprah Winfrey


Kid Rock Closing Restaurant Following Tirade Against Oprah Winfrey
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Kid Rock Closing Restaurant Following Tirade Against Oprah Winfrey
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Kid Rock alongside Donald Trump during the signing of the Music Modernization Act, 2018 (photo: White House)

Outspoken artist Kid Rock is closing his restaurant in Detroit in response to a protest against the controversial statements that he made about Oprah Winfrey and others.

Rock announced on Facebook that he was closing Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit restaurant outside Little Caesar’s Arena when the lease expires in April.

The kerfuffle began a week earlier when Rock drunkenly and incoherently ranted about Winfrey, Joy Behar, and Kathie Lee Gifford while on stage of a bar that he owns in Nashville. The rant got so bad that a police officer had to physically remove him from his own stage.

Even after Rock sobered, he refused to apologize, explaining that he was upset with Winfrey because of a booking issue with her show. “I am just saying what a lot of people think,” he said at the time.

All this led the Michigan chapter of the National Action Network (NAN), which was founded by civil rights leader Al Sharpton, to plan a protest outside Rock’s restaurant.

The protest apparently offended Rock so much that he decided to close the restaurant.

“I appreciate all who have patronized our place and still have much love for the City of Detroit and the people / organizations that I have helped there for years, black, white, whatever, but learned long ago, go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated,” he wrote. “I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough. I will let the NAN and others go ahead and take the wheel now. Good luck.”

Rock went on to say “I may be guilty of being a loud mouth jerk at times, but trying to label me racist is a joke, and actually only does a disservice to the black community, which I have supported my entire life, by trying to alienate myself and many others.”

Finally, he called Sharpton a “tax evading, race-baiting clown.”

8 Responses

    • Sam

      That’s your opinion, but is he really a racist? I don’t think so.

      • Chad

        You’ve never studied body language or undertone? You sound like one of these idiots who are in denial about it. Kid Rock is worthless anyway. He was one of those white boys back in the 90s who wanted to be black so bad and actually got signed as a hip hop artist to Jive Records. Once the corny, redneck, white boy trend came a few years back he jumped on the bandwagon. You know and I know that if someone like say Drake started out as a rock and roll artists and then years later was all pro black talking shit about the other side so much you guys would see it the same way so shut the fuck about it. They like to talk about race-baiting but they have been doing it since Africans stepped off the ship hundreds of years ago. Smh idiots.

        • Sam

          Your calling me an idiot shows you to be the one in reality. After you’re done ranting about the “corny, redneck white boy” take a look in a mirror for the true racist. You and your weak opinion are a joke.

    • I said it

      Kid rocks more black then al sharpton lol
      At least he’s honest I will give him that.

  1. BaWitDaBitchAssPunk

    Bobby Ritchie. Total douche bag. Still the same. Always has been.

  2. restless94110

    Kid Rock is right in all he says. Furthermore, America is the right to say whatever it is you want to say. Stupid people who support name calling and censorship? They aren’t Americans. Kid Rock is.

    You name callers and cancelers better wake up. They coming for you next time.