Avicii Invector Launches⁠ — A PS4 Game Collaboration With Tim Bergling Himself

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Avicii Invector launched this week on PlayStation 4 consoles. The game is a rhythm game created in collaboration with Tim Bergling himself.

The game is described as a musical journey across six different worlds. The musical backing includes 25 Avicii tracks that were hand-selected for each level. Players will glide, float, and race through each musical track to stay in time with the beat.

The developers ⁠— Hello There Games — said working with Avicii on the game was a highlight of their experience. He was present through the majority of the development process and had input on the mechanics, visuals, and how each track is presented in the game.

Avicii was a huge gamer and spent much of his time with the devs giving valuable feedback. The original Invector launched in 2017 and featured some of Avicii’s tunes. The developers were in the process of creating a new version with the legendary DJ, but tragedy struck with Avicii’s shocking suicide in 2018.

When Avicii’s father set up The Tim Bergling Foundation for mental health awareness, the devs contacted him. Now, this new release pays homage to one of the most influential DJs in modern history.

“After some discussions, we decided to head back to the base of Invector and finish what we started with Tim — giving life to AVICII Invector. The game includes new visuals, tighter mechanics, as well as a brand-new world to celebrate the memory of AVICII, including tracks from his posthumous album ‘Tim.'”

All of the royalties the game generates will be donated to The Tim Bergling Foundation. Safe In Our World, a mental health charity for those in need, will also receive a portion of the sales.

Avicii Invector is available on PlayStation 4 for $19.99. Those who purchased the original can download this special Avicii version for free.