Bassnectar Will Play a Free Show If Congress Impeaches Trump

Bassnectar To Hold Free Show If Congress Impeaches Trump
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Bassnectar To Hold Free Show If Congress Impeaches Trump
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Photo of Bassnectar

Acclaimed DJ Bassnectar has announced on Twitter that he plans on following through on his 32-month-old promise to perform a free show if Congress impeaches President Trump.

On April 1, 2017, many people on Twitter apparently made April Fool’s Day jokes about Bassnectar performing a free show. In response to this, he tweeted:

“All these April Fools announcements of shows I’m playing are cute but not real. The only real one is I’ll play 4 free at trumps Impeachment.”

Fast-forward to yesterday, with the House of Representatives filing two articles of impeachment against the president, the DJ took to Twitter to update his fans on the status of the long-awaited free show:

“OH YES! Long deserved IMPEACHMENT of the most corrupt president in our history is INCOMING. So where should we do this free show? Hold his orange ass to the same fire u would have treated obama with & maybe then the republicans & fox news can see how it feels to be honest?”

However, whether or not Bassnectar actually performs this show may depend on what the DJ thinks “impeachment” means.

While the House did file articles of impeachment against the president for both abuse of power and obstruction of justice, it still must vote on these articles. Currently, Democrats hold a 233-197 advantage, but there are numerous Democrats who were elected in districts that Trump carried in 2016 — so impeachment is not necessarily assured.

Even if the House does impeach the president, this is nothing more than an indictment. The Senate still must hold a trial before convicting him. Unlike in the House, where a president can be impeached by a simple majority vote, conviction in the Senate requires 67 votes. As Republicans outnumber Democrats (and independents) in the Senate 53-47, the odds of Congress actually removing Trump are slim at the moment.

The question is, though, will it be sufficient for Bassnectar if the House impeaches the president? Or did he really mean that he would perform the show if Trump is removed from office?

11 Responses

  1. Angelito

    Yawn. Another deranged leftist still butthurt about the 2016 election.

    Corrupt? Let’s talk about Obama, Comey, and Hillary. You leftists should be mortified of their crimes.

    The good news—I am proud that I have never listened to this idiot’s “music.”

    • Maxihighroller

      It takes a pretty stupid person to defend an individual on his abuse of power and fraud scandal. Political bias aside, the only person that’s butt hurt is you.

      Oh and another thing, Bassnecter is one of the most iconic edm djs in the business and his shows leave people speechless with his notable “Basshead” following.

      Perhaps you should attend a show and learn about PLUR instead of being a an Internet troll.

  2. Lee

    I love the dudes music! But gaw damn he needs to stay out of politics mane….

  3. Rod

    Will he stop playing all together if he isnt impeached ? Some people really need to stick what they are meant to do and leave politics out of music !!

  4. Jay

    Love his music but dude has no clue when it comes to politics. Should keep his mouth shut and his hands on the decks.

  5. Campbell

    Good music but total dousch bag. Does not even realize he’ll be performing for kids who don’t care and/or not into politics enough to make a smart vote. Just want a free show. Just dance for the camera monkey!

  6. Anonymous

    Let’s hope those lunatics who promised to get rid of this scum for promoting terrorism and inciting violence will follow their threats. The world will be a much better place without him.

  7. Chad

    first off, bassnectar is a fucking pleb, second of all- he has sold out so hard that he would NEVER play for free. He just wouldn’t. He’s taken 10k+ deposits because he didn’t like promoterS. Wooks love this because they just want free shit. Idiots