Tidal and Dolby Partner to Bring Dolby Atmos to Tidal’s HiFi Subscribers

Dolby Atmos
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Dolby Atmos
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Photo Credit: Dolby

Tidal HiFi subscribers can now listen to music using Dolby Atmos technology on Android. The available catalog includes hits from Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

Dolby Laboratories has announced a partnership with Tidal for HiFi subscribers to use Dolby Atmos. Tidal members with a valid HiFi subscription can use Atmos Music on Android devices.

According to Dolby, Atmos Music changes the listening experience to reveal what’s lost in traditional recordings. “Listeners can discover hidden details and subtleties with unparalleled clarity,” reads the press release.

The Tidal app will default to the experience if an Atmos Music mix is available. The Dolby logo will appear on tracks with Atmos. The ‘Explore’ tab on Tidal now features an Atmos option to explore the full catalog.

Tidal owner Jay-Z says he’s working with Dolby to release his catalog in the format. Other artists with ownership stakes are working with Dolby to do the same.

Dolby is pushing hard in the mobile space with the Atmos format. Some Android devices have launched with the Atmos Music app installed by default. But Dolby is increasingly working with music streaming services to expand the format’s reach.

Dolby announced a partnership with Amazon Prime Music HD back in October. Atmos Music playback is now an option on Echo Studio devices for Amazon Prime subscribers. And both Tidal and Dolby are working to bring Tidal Hi-Fi with Atmos Music to additional devices.

Meanwhile, Sony is working aggressively to push its separate format ⁠— 360 Reality Audio. Sony says its new format can simulate a live musical performance by scanning the inside of your ears. That format works best with headphones Sony sells (of course), but it can be used with any headphone hardware. Deezer, Tidal, and Amazon Music all support that new format, though the catalog is limited.