YouTube Music Is Beating Spotify in India, Bloomberg Says

YouTube Music Is Beating Spotify in India, Bloomberg Says
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In recent news, Bloomberg has reported that YouTube’s music service in India has garnered over 800,000 paid subscribers within a year of its launch. This growth rate is significant, especially considering that India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. YouTube’s music service is growing faster in India than Spotify’s and may even be growing faster than Apple Music’s service, although there is no way to confirm the latter since Apple is not providing subscriber data for the country.

In comparison to local music platforms such as Gaana and JioSaavn, YouTube’s music service is outpacing them in terms of growth. Gaana has more than one million paid users, in addition to 125 million free ones, but it took them nearly ten years to reach this level. YouTube in India offers two paid services, YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium. The former is similar to Spotify’s and Apple Music’s premium services, while the latter allows users to watch videos without ads and gives them the ability to play clips even when offline. However, according to Bloomberg, it is the music service that is driving the company’s growth in the country.

It might come as a surprise to many that a paid YouTube music service is doing so well in India, considering that the company has struggled in the United States to get consumers to pay for premium services. However, the lack of a major presence in the country from the top players in digital music may be helping YouTube. The company has also been offering cut-rate pricing, which could be another reason for the service’s success in India.

But YouTube may soon have serious competition. ByteDance, the company behind the popular TikTok app, is testing a music service called Resso in India, and it is expected to launch a paid service sometime next year. Since TikTok is especially popular in India, with over 200 million users, YouTube may soon face serious competition.

Despite this, YouTube in India has over 200 million users for its free video service, making India the company’s largest market in the world in terms of raw users. This milestone was achieved in 2018, and YouTube has been growing rapidly in India ever since.

So what is driving YouTube’s success in India? For one, the company has been investing heavily in the country. YouTube has been hosting a series of events and workshops across India, aimed at training aspiring creators, artists, and musicians. The company has also been partnering with local artists and labels and has been promoting Indian music heavily. Additionally, the company has been investing in India’s digital infrastructure, which has helped to increase internet penetration in the country and made it easier for people to access YouTube’s services.

It’s clear that YouTube has a solid strategy for growth in India, and this is reflected in the company’s impressive subscriber numbers for its music service. With ByteDance’s Resso on the horizon, it remains to be seen whether YouTube can maintain its lead in India’s music streaming market. However, with its focus on investing in the country’s digital infrastructure and local music scene, it’s clear that YouTube is committed to succeeding in India.