Madonna Cancelled Miami Concert Because of “Indescribable” Pain

Madonna Cancelled Miami Concert Because of "Indescribable" Pain
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Madonna Cancelled Miami Concert Because of "Indescribable" Pain
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Photo of Madonna by Chris Weger (CC by 2.0)

Pop legend Madonna has announced on Instagram that she cancelled her Saturday night concert in Miami because she was in “indescribable” pain.

The concert was to be the final date of the American portion of her Madame X tour. However, she plans to go through with the European leg of her tour, which is scheduled to run from January until March.

While the 61-year-old singer did not specify the exact nature of her problem in Miami, she wrote:

“As I climbed the ladder to sing Batuka On Saturday night in Miami I was in tears from the pain of my injuries, Which has been indescribable for the past few days With every song I sang, I said a prayer that I would make it to the next and get thru the show.”

Madonna went on to explain why she had to cancel the show.

She said:

“I consider myself a warrior I never quit, I never give in, I never give up!! However this time I have to listen to my body And accept that my pain is a warning I want to say how deeply sorry I am to all my fans. For having to cancel my last show I spent the last two days with doctors Scans, ultra sounds, Xrays Poking and probing and more tears.They have made it very clear to me that if l’am to continue my tour — I must rest for as long as possible so that I don’t inflict further and Irreversible damage to my body. I have never let an injury stop me from performing but this time i have to accept that there is no shame in being human and having to press the pause button.”

Finally, she thanked her fans for supporting her.

Just last month, a group of these fans filed a class action suit against her and Live Nation because of late starting times during the tour.

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  1. Anonymous

    a bit of payback for the terrible emotional pain she has inflicted on fans who traveled , paid big prices, booked hotels and flights and then were disappointed when she showed up hours late , most people not being able to wait any longer , having to leave, …..disgusting…..shame on you Madonna!