Juice WRLD Freestyle Recording Surfaces — “One of the Greatest Freestyles Ever”

Juice WRLD Freestyle Recording Surfaces -- "One of the Greatest Freestyles Ever"

Photo of Juice WRLD

A British radio DJ has released a clip of Juice WRLD performing a 14-minute freestyle only weeks after the rapper’s tragic death.

Charlie Sloth released the recording as part of a series that he has been running called Fire in the Booth. The rapper reportedly recorded it in February of this year.

Along with the recording, Sloth added the following commentary: “We believe Juice WRLD’s Fire in the Booth was one of the greatest freestyles ever.”

To answer the doubts of anyone who might question whether the performance was completely freestyled, the rapper had Sloth call out random words during the performance, which he subsequently used to create new verses.

Here are a sample of the verses:

I’m Tony Hawk and I feel like an ollie
I’m on the beat like a damn kamikaze
I’m a rock star, Black Sabbath, no Ozzy.

My flow is perfect
Snakes in the grass, but my John Deer help me see the surface.

007 with the ammo
Pull up on the scene like Rambo
Money older than your grandfolks’ grandfolks.

Making the performance even more impressive was the fact that it was made long before the rapper had even reached 21.

Juice WRLD died on December 8, only days after he turned 21. It occurred after the pilot of his private plane noticed that some members of the rapper’s entourage were carrying weapons in violation of federal law and notified authorities. This led these authorities to board the plane after it had landed at Chicago’s Midway Airport. It was then that the rapper suffered a seizure that resulted in him also suffering a cardiac arrest, which, in turn, caused his death.

While some believe that the rapper — fearing that the authorities would find his Percocet pills — overdosed while trying to conceal these pills, an initial autopsy was ruled inconclusive and we are still waiting for the results of further tests.