Sonos Moves Some Manufacturing Out of China, Jacks Up Prices by $50

Sonos Speaker
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Sonos Speaker
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Photo Credit: Unsplash

Spotify is moving some of its production lines from China to Malaysia. The result is a $50 price hike for the Sonos Amp and Sonos Port devices.

Sonos says its decision to move production is about diversifying its production lines. The company says tariffs between the United States and China are a “one-time hit.” In another statement to Engadget, Sonos says it wants to diversify its supply chain.

Starting January 9, 2020, the pricing for Sonos Amp and Port in the United States will be updated. The Sonos Amp will jump to $649, and the Sonos Port will rise to $449.

The Amp and Port are two higher-end devices in the Sonos product line. They allow custom AV installers and enthusiasts to use Sonos whole-home audio with any setup. The Amp connects to speakers, while the Port enables surround receivers to and turntables to be connected to a Sonos system.

Sonos isn’t the only tech company looking to ‘diversify production’ amidst Trump’s trade war. Google moved the production of its Nest products to Taiwan earlier this year. Nintendo shifted production of its popular Switch console to Southeast Asia.

Even Samsung closed its last Chinese phone factory back in October. Two Chinese companies that are responsible for making AirPods components are expanding outside of China, too.

China has warned companies they may face “permanent consequences” if manufacturing is moved in response to US tariffs. Sonos has clarified that some of its products will be moving outside of China, but not which products are subject to the change.

The bump in price may not be too much for audiophiles to bear, but they may be too pricey for most consumers. That’s probably not too much of a concern for Sonos, though. Most Amp and Port sales are likely audiophiles used to paying premium prices for high-end equipment.

Sonos is notifying customers about the price hike today via email. Customers who might be interested in either the Amp or the Port have until January 9 to save $50.