Hit With a YouTube Copyright Claim? Now You Can Surgically Remove It

YouTube Copyright Claim Trim Tool
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YouTube Copyright Claim Trim Tool
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Photo Credit: YouTube

YouTube Studio has been updated with trim tools to assist with the YouTube copyright claim process. The Assisted Trim tool lets creators remove the offending portion of the video, releasing the claim.

The assisted trim tool does have a few limitations, though. First, it only works on videos that are less than six hours in length. It also cannot be used to address multiple copyright strikes against a single video.

YouTube says the start and end-points of the trim are pre-set to where the claimed content appears. A blog post announcing the feature says adjustable end-points may be ‘coming soon.’

“We’re working on allowing adjustable end-points so you can cut out the portion of your video that provides the best viewer experience. In the meantime, you can still do this via the YouTube Editor.”

YouTube also changed the way it shows copyright strikes to video owners. YouTube Studio now displays copyright strike information on the dashboard. That information includes removed clips and the name of the takedown request submitter. Users can then take action to resolve the issue.

YouTube Copyright Claim
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A new section on the dashboard also distinguishes between copyright strikes vs. Content ID claims.

A copyright strike removes the video from view immediately. Content ID allows claimants to leave the video up, but collect the money themselves. This system has resulted in massive abuses that the YouTube community has rallied against.

YouTube says the new assisted trim tool isn’t the only thing it is working on behind the scenes. More updates will be released later this year to help creators better navigate the YouTube copyright claim process.

Creators have been asking for more fine-tuned controls to handle these claims for years. YouTube’s changes to the platform to address many problems like child privacy and copyright claims have seemed like half-measures over the years. This new YouTube Studio tool was severely needed.