DaBaby Caught on Video Assaulting a Hotel Worker

DaBaby Caught on Video Assaulting Hotel Worker
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DaBaby Caught on Video Assaulting Hotel Worker
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Photo of DaBaby

Fresh off a recent arrest, along with other altercations, rapper DaBaby has been caught on video assaulting a hotel worker.

The video in question, according to TMZ, comes from the security camera of the Beverly Hills hotel where DaBaby had been staying on December 19, and it happened the day after the rapper performed at the Shrine.

The website is alleging that the hotel worker DaBaby assaulted had been following him and his entourage outside the building’s lobby while asking the rapper for a photograph.

Apparently, the worker would not take no for an answer. So, when they all entered the lobby, DaBaby slammed the man against a wall while roughing him up a little.

The incident seems to have gone no further than this.

TMZ says that the rapper and his entourage soon left the hotel, and the police were not notified.

Michael Heiskel, who is the rapper’s lawyer, issued a statement about the incident. He said, “Any actions taken by DaBaby were likely in self defense based upon his recall of the events and until the video is thoroughly reviewed we have no further comment at this time.”

This is not the first time that the rapper has allegedly assaulted someone who asked for a picture of him. Reportedly, both DaBaby and members of his entourage beat up someone last year outside a concert venue in Massachusetts who had also been asking him for a picture.

It has been reported as well that the rapper assaulted one of his fans last year outside a Louis Vuitton store in North Carolina for heckling him.

In DaBaby’s arrest earlier this month, police in Miami took him into custody because of an outstanding battery charge in Texas. Though they had originally detained him in order to ask him questions about an unrelated robbery.

Police in Charlotte, North Carolina further handcuffed the rapper on Christmas Eve before citing him for marijuana possession.