All Three R. Kelly Lawyers Are Abandoning His Case

R. Kelly's Former Manager Indicted for "Making Terroristic Threats" Against Alleged Sex Slave's Father
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Singer R. Kelly’s defense in a civil sexual assault case may be falling apart. Tuesday, a judge granted a motion filed by R. Kelly lawyers to withdraw from the case.

Three R. Kelly lawyers ⁠— Shady Yassin, Zaid Abdallah, and Raed Shalabi ⁠— filed their motion to withdraw last week. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Moira S. Johnson granted the motion after a brief hearing.

The case at hand is one in which Heather Williams accuses R. Kelly of sexually abusing her as a young girl. Williams says she met the singer in 1998 in Chicago when she was 16. He lured her into his studio with promises of appearing in an upcoming music video.

This civil case is the same one where R. Kelly lawyers argued he couldn’t read his summons papers. The judge initially entered a default judgment in the case because R Kelly failed to respond.

Judge Johnson also denied a motion to dismiss the case under the statute of limitations laws. The judge agreed with defense lawyers that as a minor, Williams did not understand her injuries because of her sexual contact with R. Kelly.

R. Kelly is pleading the fifth in this case. Abdallah told the judge in a hearing last November that his client would plead the fifth “because of the criminal ramifications” of the case.

Abdallah told the judge in court on Tuesday that their resignation letter was hand-delivered to R. Kelly in prison. He currently awaits a trial for criminal charges ranging from sexual assault to child pornography and racketeering.

The motion filed by attorneys says, “counsels feel that circumstances have evolved that prevent the counsels from zealously advocating on behalf of the defendant.”

R. Kelly now has 21 days for a new attorney to make an appearance; else, he will be represented by a state-chosen defendant.

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  1. Johnny

    R. Kelly is Grammy-winning musician, singer, rapper, and producer from Chicago. Today, his net worth is estimated to be about $150 million. Yeh, sure!!

    • Lisa

      See that means he can’t get a public defender he makes to much money

        • Anonymous

          How can he be broke when he still owns several recording studios, cars, mansions all over the world? Stop reading into this social BS. All everyone wants is his money. Point blank.

          • Cassandra

            I agree with you and this is just another one of the white man’s tactic to destroy the black man that don’t want to sway their way! I support R. Kelly this shit is just what it is BS. These snakes are bringing up old shit these whoers threw themselves at him as well as their parents because they wanted money. Who sells their kids??? These greedy ass blood sucking white folks are mad because they are not BLACK, your dicks are small and WE are your mothers and fathers! F#%k Off

          • Jason

            Agreed. I don’t believe any of these women, they knew what they were doing then and they know what they are doing now bringing this up. They just mad because they gave up the Coochie and didn’t get what they wanted. I bet they loved getting all those clothes, hair , and getting there nails done that R. Kelly paid for. Also the so called parents that drove their kids to his house and dropped them off and left need to be put in prison for being an negligence parents. I’m so sick of hearing about Clay and Savage they are obviously only after money, now that Clay left she probably found better money for her bullshit lies to tell another not true story. I have an interesting point to bring up, wonder why the news is not bringing up “ Trump” in this? Why did he allow “ alleged allegations “ Kelly to live in his condo? It shouldn’t matter if Kelly prepaid couple years in advance.Trump should be front line and center on this too.

    • Iketernr

      Man, Arrah threw it all away for an addiction he couldn’t control. Dummies! The whole lot of them. They should’ve made him go to therapy and get his head straight.

    • Bad Ricky

      He an all out piece of trash that needs to be thrown out and never seen again

      • Pedophile Hater

        Fucking dickweeds dint make this a racial thing ….a fucking pedophile is a pedophile no matter of skin color and they need to be dead ….Why should i have to pay for them to be locked up
        Our system is fucked up
        Kill them all and let God deal with them

        • Cassandra

          I hate pedophiles too but we are not GOD! Wishing death on someone makes you no better than them. Yes it’s disgusting that R Kelly or any grown man or woman to engage in any sexual activity with a minor. In reality I blame the parents as well and this shit has been going on before R Kelly, Bill Cosby. White folks yes I said it so admit it have been sleeping around with children including their own male and female for ages! Now that’s disgusting and they continue today and their monkey asses didn’t go to jail!

        • Satchmau

          Killing is not a solution trust me no one knows what happened those closed doors it just a word of mouth coming from the so called victims if they were at all “ God please come down Soon and sort it these madness “

      • Anonymous

        Not in my book. He’s a predator who has no respect or morals for teenage girls. I picture of my daughter in a situation like that, R. Kelly would be a dead man in my book,
        Don’t drop the soap ? PUNK.
        THE SYSTEM DRAIN GIS BANK ACCOUNT. Serves him right

        • Anonymous

          Then why don’t you give your trumpster the same treatment he’s a pediphile also but you people will continue to look the other way been doing it since before slavery in this country

      • Anonymous

        You know that’s right, so you social media idiots can stop hating.

      • J

        I digg, Long live R&B, wish 90’s music was today’s music, cant stand today’s crap.

    • Maurice

      When is the world going to address the priest that’s been doing this for 100’s of years.

    • Robert Norwood

      Money aside, not the best recommendation going. Grammy winning rapper? Sheesh, Grammies went down the toilet ages ago.

  2. Tony

    I think you mean he’ll be represented by a public defender. Robert Kelly is the defendant.

  3. Bigg Drew

    Either way…..he ain’t comin home…..ain’t no point in learning to read now!!!

    • J

      This is not about these lying hoes, it’s about the money kelly owes the irs. Why you think they keep pushing back the court dates, they are making money everyday this doesn’t go to trial. It’s selling millions of dollars in papers, magazines, etc.

  4. Anonymous

    Fuck him and all these women they just mad they ain’t getting no money and parents are mad about the money 2.

    • J

      These hoes are lying, parents are the ones who need to be in prison too. What normal loving parent would drop their kids off at strangers house.

  5. Tyler Knill

    He really doesn’t seem to be a bad guy. I think we should give him one more chance. OJ is free….just saying.

  6. playground news

    can you pay his attorneys or did he piss all his money away

    • Kim

      I just don’t understand, how these young women, at 13 years old!! Can just still believe and still trust in him!! They say brain washed, but some of these young girls wanted to be with him, and thought that they was the only girl, he was seeing!! And, then these girls who are now all grown up they got make overs and they looked different, then they did when they where young!! And, now they got breast reduction!! And, then the girl Dimoqnue her mother came and got her daughter, then her daughter went right back to him!! I think that girl Dimoqnue is pregnant!! But, the whole thing is some of these parents, they tried to keep their daughter away from him!! They tried to protect their daughters, but if you have a daughter like these girls were!! How can you stop your child, from doing the things, you tell them not to do!! Because, they are going to sneek and do it anyway!! Like one of the girls told her parents, if you try to stop me from seeing him!! I will just find away, to see him!! How can you stop your children, from doing wrong things and how can you protect them..You can only try and raise your girls the best way you can! See, I have two grown adult daughters!! And, I had to put fear in my daughters!! I was straight up with my daughters, I didn’t sugar coat anything!! I let my daughters know if you do this you suffer the consequences!! God bless Everyone!! ??

  7. Anonymous

    I dont understand the parents, the people work for kelly, the whole Damn thang. Why wait so many years to say something now. Why his worker did say anything about these teens. If so why Kelly’s didn’t stop? It’s all fucked up the system using R Kelly and Bill Cosby as an example.

      • Fed up

        They are not being used as examples. They knew what they did would eventually get them locked up but they never k ew when. Lots of white folks are getting no time for the same crime although when it comes to sexcrimes they are all the same and they all deserve torcher

      • J

        “ alleged allegations “, this is not about these lying hoes, it’s about Kelly owing irs money

  8. Tony

    Why aren’t the parents or the people that helped him get access to these young ladies in jail thier the blame just as much as R Kelly so why thier being prosecuted

    • J

      “Alleged allegations “, if he is found guilty which is not about these lying hoes, it’s about money he owes irs. But if he is found guilty, every parent needs to be put in the same jail cell with him.

  9. Rev

    My thing of it is that all parties involved should be in jail ie parents, body guards, music executives, producers, posse or should I say enterouge. See, everything was cool when everyone had their hands in the money jar but when the money stopped they conspired to get Kelly. I really believe that Kelly is sick perverted man whom needs mental health as well as some jail time. But I equally believe that’s he’s a victim in all this as well. Lifestyle of the rich and shameless the price people pay for it is crazy.

    • J

      Problem is, if he is found guilty, we the tax payer have to foot the bill for his mental health and imprisonment. Need to bring back the old days, if you kill or hurt someone do the same to him or her. Problem is, that would upset the wealthy and they wouldn’t get paid if someone died instead of occupying an cell. Trump needs to be in an cell too if kelly is found guilty because trump let an alleged allegations person occupy his condo, and it shouldn’t matter if kelly paid years in advance.

  10. Liesha

    What I’m not understanding is the parents because I’m a mother of 3 girls. I also was born and raised in New York, as far as I know at 14,16,17 hello even 18, there was such a thing called come your ass straight home from school. What I’m trying to understand is noooo bodies mother/father had that rule? Nobody mother/father said hell no I don’t care if this man told you he gonna make you a platinum album don’t you take your little ass over that grown ass man house again without me or your father. Then the more I read the stories the more I pay attention to the dates 1995,96 etc…hell Bill, was in the 70’s but, anyway you u mean to tell me as much as women gossip barely can hold water, you mean to tell me noooo body to a friend family nothing until 2019-2020. You have got to be kidding me. I do know stuff came out earlier and he got off but, shouldn’t that have been the time all the girls and their parents step up…You know why they didn’t step up because they were content with selling their child ass either that or you are jumping on the band wagon to lie on the man

  11. Liesha

    All I am saying these are the calmest parents of these girls in 1996-2000’s. Where are the fathers that before their baby girl was born he was saying I have to buy a gun…where’s the mothers that always hollering if someone touches my child they gonna have a problem…where’s all the dramatic over reacting parents of these girls that he so called raped, locked up in the dungeon, beat…etc…where were they is what I would like to know. As much social media out there you mean to tell me nobody got on Twitter MySpace Facebook Instagram to blast this man to say r kelly hurt my child. I’m sorry folks I just find it hard to believe. If it’s true.. staff members, parents, friends everyone should be convicted for allowing it to happen

    • Monti Renee

      My mother use to say if someone touched me let her know…well I let her know my stepfather was repeatedly Molesting me and she did absolutely NOTHING…she beat me up for telling her and threatened to kick me out the house. I was treated as if I was another woman trying to take her man when I was simple a middle school aged child. She told me to keep this between us and to not talk about it again! She stayed with him for about 2-3 more years before he left her for another woman. So, if anyone asks why victims are so scared to speak up well this is a perfect example of what we go through when we do! The offender is protected and the victim is treated like trash! As a child I kept a diary of all the times my stepdad rubbed his hands across my body, I showed my mom as proof and till this day she still calls me a liar and says it never happened. I can remember hearing her crying in her room for him not to leave her because of this. Yeah so if their parents were anything like mine, then I understand why they took their time speaking out. (BTW my mom was a single a parent and I didn’t tell my actual father about this until I was in Grad school)

      • Liesha

        I’m so sorry to hear that Monti Renee. I don’t like to hear stories like that especially when us as parents are supposed to be our children’s protectors. If you can’t turn to no one else you should be able to go to your parents…
        I can truly understand some kids having trouble with speaking out. A couple of points I was trying to make was 1. The parents that are speaking out now and over suddenly so concerned their children are grown now, they should have been beating his door down when the child was a child. Another point I was trying to make was this man had adults on his team working with him in his presence on a daily basis even if the parents said nothing or did nothing every last one of those adults were at fault because the child didn’t have to speak up…as an adult they should have spoke up for those kids since they claim to be there seeing the wrong things front and center.

  12. Lookingat bothsides

    U may think that way, remember he didnt fuck his self up alone, he had the help of a sick as sister who created this shit. So dont judge a sivk person so quickly.

  13. Chi- towns finest

    Yoo im from chicago also his pros outweighs his cons period now that he aint got nothing to give nobody they wanna kick em while he down. Everybody involved should be punished ijs…

    • J

      Especially the parents and trump for letting him live in his condo that is if he is convicted but this is not about these lying two face hoes it’s about kelly owing irs money

  14. MonaCane

    What a waste of talent!! All the money in the world ain’t gonna save him this time. Outta all the women in the world why would he chose a minor? You blew it R.Kelly!!

  15. Chi-town

    The truth of the matter is all these people that was around while he supposedly did these things to all these when why the hell they not in jail or being prosecuted. True these girls were young but they lil ass was old enough to know right from wrong. Why people keep acting like they didn’t know any better, they was looking at the fame and their parents sold they lil ass now they not getting shit they wanna holler rap day he held them hostage etc. mfs wanna say something now. When he was with alliyah people knew he liked younger women if he so much of a pedophile this shit would’ve came out back then and he would’ve been locked up. People don’t got nothing better to do with they life so everybody wanna judge and act like they lawyers judges and prosecutors now

    • Monti Renee

      I swear I need to write a book for comments like the one above so people can have a better understanding of child sexual abuse! When you’re a young teenager who is being sexually groped and involved in intercourse that is not forced, lets just face it, it feels good…teenagers understand it’s not right that a grown adult is sexually touching and arousing them because keep in mind a teenager is going through hormonal changes but the matter of the fact for “SOME” it feels good. Now, from what I understand R. Kelly was a victim to this type of child sexual abuse by his sister who was much older than him and he had the same reaction. He didn’t say anything or we didn’t hear about his sexual abuse until he was an adult. It was said that he actually enjoyed his sexual encounters with his sister because it felt good. Although, these things may feel good to kids/teens at the time, mentally this type of behavior will have an extreme impact on the individual as they grow up. Hence, why R. Kelly is in this situation now and why some women or men become promiscuous and prostitutes, etc. That’s why adults need to intervene early in this situation when a child is exposed but if you can read my post a few spots up, I wrote about my personal experience on how some adults do not believe a child/teen when they come forward about their sexual abuse and most often the adult protects the abuser and condemns the victim for being “FAST” This can do further mental damage and cause depression, more child sexual abuse, a feeling of abandonment and so forth. It’s so easy to say why the girls didn’t do this, where are the parents, they knew it was wrong….but we all know this is not a cookie cutter world, so try your best to look at all sides before placing judgement.

      • Liesha

        Monti Renee, you definitely have good points because you are speaking your truth and seeing things through your personal experience and to be honest with you I can relate to you and many young girls that was touched at a very young age and another one of my truths is my mother still don’t know because I never told so I definitely know what you mean …
        I can relate but, like I mentioned in my post a few days back I grew up in Bronx NY. Anyone that knows New York knows it is very fast pace and Chicago don’t sound much different. Yes, as a young girl/boy that has experienced sexual abuse it can have all types of affects on a child and screw up their mental.
        At the same time though I also know growing up in New York, being a fast as hell teenager. Lying about my age going for the older guys, sneaking to do things, I knew damn well if my mother/father down to even my great grandmother knew what I was doing I would have been in trouble.
        Wanting to be older than what I was, those guys had no clue I was a child. People may say my behavior was a result to what happened to me at a young age and they could be right. My point is, at the end of the day…
        I knew right from wrong, I knew I had no business in a grown mans face let alone their house, I knew if this man touched me inappropriately and I didn’t like it to not take my fast tail back over there…To me you are speaking of these young girls as if they are clueless to the world. Meanwhile these kids know more than a little bit especially with social media being damn near their #1 teacher. Yes kids are impressionable but not all are timid.
        I don’t think any one of us should place judgement for the simple fact that we are not in any of the victims shoes nor R Kelly’s but, with so many people involved with different personalities you can’t tell me every damn body had the exact thought process and mind frame(I’m not saying you personally, I’m speaking in general). No matter what we all think feel or say, agree or disagree R Kelly is in a world of trouble whether the allegations are true or false he’s in deep doo doo for real.

        I’m replying to your comments because I like what you have to say…

        • Monti Renee

          I appreciate your response and kind words! My post was more so for those who believe children/teens can always turn to their parents or other adults for help. In my situation I did just that and no help was provided. However, I never looked at this situation from the point of view in which you explained. My abuse occured during my middle school days so, I was at the young age where I did not welcome this type of touching and was completely scared to be left alone with my abuser. I agree with what you said about a teen who consistently goes around an adult male or female lying about their age and willing accepts anything sexual, understands exactly what they’re doing. As I stated before, some of these teens enjoy the sexual interaction simply because sex feels good. Some adults are 100% aware these are young teens lying about their age and yet they still continue the sexual relationship. Yes, the adult is wrong for taking advantage of the teen but the teen is also not 100% innocent for lying and pursuing this type of interaction. It appears R.kelly was specifically interested in teenage girls. So, on another note, I feel like our parents or any responsible adult needs to be more involved in our children’s social lives. We were all young once, we know what goes on when adults are not around. This is nothing but a repeated cycle of abuse. I believe some victims never get the therapy needed from their abuse, which can result in them becoming the new abuser and so forth. For me I am overly protective of my 2 daughters. I trust no one watching them, changing diapers, giving them baths, etc. when they start school I’m severely afraid of what will happen to them when I’m not around. My husband suggested therapy for my own healing. Thanks again for your response, it’s nice to have healthy dialogue about these situations and everyone’s opinions can be respected.

          • Liesha

            If more ppl would speak out about sexual abuse it would educate a whole lot more people…Especially the insensitive ones. A lot of ppl turn a blind eye and think it can’t happen in their home but, little do ppl know it could be happening at this very moment and it’s sad that ppl wait for it to happen to open their eyes and see where victims are coming from.

      • Displayfaith

        I’ve written a book about it. It’s called “I’m Grown”

  16. Dr. Seuss

    Read every comment and realize: You suffer for failing to learn to read and write.

    It’s never too late.

  17. Keith

    Ashley, you said, “he will be represented by a state-chosen defendant.” Not true. If this is a civil case, the state will not defend him. It has no obligation to do so. He may be out-of-luck.