What Song Was Playing In That Super Bowl LIV Commercial?

Cheetos' ‘Can’t Touch This’ Super Bowl Ad featuring MC Hammer
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Cheetos' ‘Can’t Touch This’ Super Bowl Ad featuring MC Hammer
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Cheetos’ ‘Can’t Touch This’ Super Bowl Ad featuring MC Hammer

Here’s a list of the songs (and their corresponding artists) featured in Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV commercials.

Congratulations to all the artists, composers, labels, and publishers who scored Super Bowl LIV music licensing deals! Here’s the rundown of the songs included for the big game’s commercial spots.

Amazon’s ‘Before Alexa’ Commercial (with Ellen DeGeneres)

Amazon’s “Before Alexa” commercial closes with Alexa playing Ellen DeGeneres’s favorite song, “Yeah!” by Usher (featuring Lil John and Ludacris). 

Song: “Yeah!” 

Artist: Usher ft. Lil John and Ludacris

Audi’s Masie Williams Spot

Game of Thrones star Masie Williams covers Frozen’s “Let it Go” in Audi’s advert for full-electric vehicles. 

Song: “Let it Go”

Artist: Idina Menzel

Avocados from Mexico’s Avocado Shopping Network Commercial

Avocados from Mexico’s shopping-network commercial features Molly Ringwald and closes with Avocados from Mexico’s very-catchy jingle. 

Song“Avocados from Mexico Jingle” 

Artist: Avocados from Mexico

Budweiser’s ‘Typical American’ Commercial

The background track in Budweiser’s “Typical American” ad is “Crescendo” by SebastiAn. 

Song: “Crescendo”

Artist: SebastiAn

Cheetos Popcorn ‘Can’t Touch This’ Ad

Cheetos’ short-and-sweet “Can’t Touch This” ad features a cameo from MC Hammer, whose famed “U Can’t Touch This” is played.  

Song: “U Can’t Touch This” 

Artist: MC Hammer

Doritos’ Wild West Duel Between Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott

Lil Nax X and Sam Elliott do battle while Lil Nas X’s Grammy-winning “Old Town Road” plays. 

Song: “Old Town Road”

Artist: Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

The commercial opens with Ennio Morricone’s timeless “Il Buuone Il Brutto Il Cattivo.”

Google’s ‘How to Not Forget’ Commercial

The non-vocal portions of A Great Big World’s “Say Something” play during Google’s “How to Not Forget” commercial. 

Song: “Say Something” (Instrumental Version)

Artist: A Great Big World

Heinz’s Four-Screen ‘Find the Goodness’ Spot

Heinz’s four-screen spot is accompanied by “Reach Out, I’ll Be There” by The Four Tops. 

Song: “Reach Out, I’ll Be There”

Artist: The Four Tops

Hyundai’s Boston-Heavy ‘Smaht Pahk’ Commercial

Hyundai’s ‘Smaht Pahk’ commercial, which includes cameos from The Office’s John Krasinski and Red Sox legend David Ortiz, is complemented by some old-school riffs from The Standells’ “Dirty Water.”  Rachel Dratch and Chris Evans are also featured in the spot.

Song: Dirty Water

Artist: The Standells

Kia’s ‘Tough Never Quits’ Commercial

The background music in Kia’s Seltos commercial, which features Las Vegas Raiders star Josh Jacobs, is “Terre + Eau” by Malicia Darkwave. 

Song: “Terre+Eau” 

Artist: Malicia Darkwave

Michelob Ultra’s Fallon-Cena Commercial

Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl 2020 commercial features WWE legend John Cena, comedian and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots, who play “Get Ready” while motivating Fallon to exercise. 

Song: “Get Ready”

Artist: The Roots

Microsoft’s ‘Be the One’ Commercial

“Be the One” plays in the background during Microsoft’s commercial of the same name. San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Katie Sowers is featured in the spot. The custom-recorded track isn’t yet available for purchase/download. 

Song“Be the One”

Artist: Joel Simon and Nathan Padgett

The NFL’s ‘Next 100’ Spot

The League’s celebration of its 100th anniversary features a young future superstar adorned by legends of the past.

Song: “What I’d Say

Artist: Ray Charles

Pepsi Zero’s “Paint it Black” (with Missy Elliott and H.E.R.)

H.E.R. and Missy Elliott’s “Paint it Black” variation is certainly stuck in millions of Super Bowl viewers’ heads, but it’s unclear if the track will have a full release; at the time of writing, the whole song hadn’t been made available by Pepsi. 

Song: “Paint it Black”

Artist: H.E.R. and Missy Elliott

Porsche’s Car-Chase Commercial

During Porsche’s quick-moving Super Bowl 2020 ad, “Aymo” plays in the background. 

Song: “Aymo” 

Artist: Gramatik and Balkan Bump ft. Talib Kweli

Snickers’ “The World is Out of Sorts” Commercial

Snickers’ innovative solution to fixing the world is accompanied by an original song, but it’s unclear when (or if) it will be officially released. 

Toyota’s 2020 Highlander Spot featuring Cobie Smulders

Smulders saves stranded heroes in one desperate cinematic scene after another.  After a Hollywood-style action sequence, the spot ends with a lesser-known soul song.

Song: “Love Is the Reason A”

Artist: Raun Burnham & Jerry Burnham

Turbo Tax’s “All People Are Tax People” Spot

The full version of the song featured in Turbo Tax’s Super Bowl 2020 ad hasn’t been released, but an extended version of the spot is available on YouTube. 

Walmart’s Multifaceted Ad

There’s no better adjective than “multifaceted” for an ad that features Buzz Lightyear, Lego figures, Bill from Bill and Ted, aliens, a talking pug, R2-D2 and C-3PO, and much more. 

Song: “Sure Feels Good to Me” 

Artist: Warrant

Warrant’s “Sure Feels Good to Me” plays at the spot’s beginning, and what sounds like Slim Whitman’s yodeling plays at the end, though it could be a different, similarly talented artist.

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  1. Jennifer

    What was the song played at the end of the Toyota Highlander commercial with Cobie Smoulders ?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      That’s ‘Love Is the Reason A’ by Raun Burnham & Jerry Burnham