Jeff Bezos Just Bought the Warner Estate From David Geffen for $165 Million

Jeff Bezos Buys The Warner Estate
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Jeff Bezos Buys The Warner Estate
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Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson / CC by 2.0

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just bought The Warner Estate for $165 million from media mogul David Geffen.

The deal is reportedly the sale of the most expensive property in Los Angeles. Bezos recently paid $80 million on a pair of New York apartments earlier this year. He paid double that for The Warner Estate, which is roughly 1% of his total $131.9 billion net worth.

Jack Warner, former president of Warner Bros., commissioned the property in the 1930s. The Warner Estate took more than ten years to construct. The entire nine-acre property features guest houses, terraces, a tennis court, and a 9-hole golf course.

The Warner Estate
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Bezos may be celebrating after a recent decision temporarily blocked the Pentagon’s deal with Microsoft.  The government initially awarded Microsoft the JEDI contract for as much as $10 billion over a decade. In November, Amazon filed a lawsuit saying the Defense Department failed to judge Amazon Web Services’ bid for the contract fairly. The lawsuit alleges President Trump interfered because he views Bezos as his “political enemy.”

Amazon is now seeking evidence to show political interference cost them the deal. Amazon is seeking to depose President Trump, James N. Mattis, Mark Esper, and Dana Deasy.

Amazon isn’t Bezos’ only success – he also owns Blue Origin and The Washington Post. Bezos’ ownership of The Post is why Trump considers him his political enemy. The Post often runs articles that are critical of Trump and his policies.

Bezos just set a new bar for Los Angeles real estate purchases. The Warner Estate is one of the most famous properties in Los Angeles, too. Now we’re just waiting for the news that Bezos has bought an entire town in Kansas.

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  1. Kline

    Good for him. He made his money and he should spend it as he wants.