Vicky Cornell’s Lawsuit Against Soundgarden Drags On — Despite Talks of a Settlement

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell
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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell
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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, who committed suicide in 2017.

The Vicky Cornell-Soundgarden lawsuit is raging on, and all involved parties have agreed to delay proceedings until March, including extensions for both Cornell’s team and that of the defendants. 

Two previous delays (both requested by the defendants) were detailed in the briefing that was submitted to the court, before Cornell’s lawyers requested an extension of their own so that they could more thoroughly respond to the motions to dismiss. Whereas their responses were initially required by February 18th, they won’t be required until March 2nd. In turn, the defendants will have an extra week, until March 16th, to reply. 

In December 2019, Vicky Cornell, widow of the late Chris Cornell, filed a lawsuit against his former band, Soundgarden. Vicky Cornell alleges that the band members owe her (as the representative of Chris’s estate) royalties, and that they attempted to gain ownership of recordings that are not rightfully theirs. 

Soundgarden disputed the claims, and the aforementioned lawsuit extensions were granted as Cornell and the defendants were reportedly close to settling. 

Apparently, the other members of Soundgarden—Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Hunter Benedict Shepherd—were not willing to pay Cornell royalties and/or were not willing to accede to her other requests. That includes a demand that Vicky have a say in the marketing direction of the corresponding album if she provides Chris’s tapes. Cornell claims that the band had agreed to the latter stipulation before reneging, at which point the matter made its way to the courtroom. 

Chris Cornell committed suicide on May 18th, 2017, while on tour with Soundgarden. The 52-year-old’s death shocked the music world, and subsequent tributes were also used to spread awareness of depression and other mental health issues. 

In 2012, Chris and his wife founded the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation. The non-profit organization, which still operates today, specializes in assisting and protecting “vulnerable children around the world.” 

14 Responses

  1. Vicky

    Soundgarden are going to destroy the greedy widow in court and I can’t wait!

  2. Devon Twist

    I wouldn’t be directing any donations to that charity. It barely pays out anything it takes in. Really weird.

  3. Anonymous

    Chris Cornells’ wife has a right to that. I know what she is going through because I went through the exact same thing that year, 3 months prior. Until you walk in someone’s elses shoes. Don’t criticize. She was married to him. She has every right.

  4. Debby

    Vicky does have a right to the money and she will get it when they distribute it. The band would never take money from her or hold funds to try and bully her. She needs to give the band the vocals. They will do everything possible to honor Chris and will put out the best album possible. She will get her share of the money for that as well. She needs to understand that she is not in the band and has no right to control anything band related. Ben, Kim and Matt are honest, caring, respectful men who do not deserve any of this. They loved Chris and have more than 30 years of history. I hope all of this ends soon and that they are able to finish their album and hopefully gain some much deserved closure.

  5. Suey sue sue

    It seems so weird to me that Vicky Cornell wants specifically to share in the marketing decisions related to the last original album. Why? Does she have an audience she wants to target? An act two?

    • Don Hanner

      She wants to overcharge just like she did for the chris Cornell box set

  6. Anonymous

    what do you think he didnt want his wife and children to get nothing are you serious how is she a greedy bitch thats how it its supposed to work his hard work then mysteriously dies of course they call suicide because he was exposing pedo file city and even start3d a foundation to protect kids from sick fucks in the business it aint no secret we all know plenty of testimonies whistle blowers nies and wittnesess and always assholes like you smearing the innocent who are left behind like cowards who didnt have the balls before he was ac3d out common typicle hollywood corrupt bull shit we know whose the greedy ones but see how far you get now that you have to come up with meamingfullyrics no one could ever replace him but he will live on for ever through his loved onesfam8ly he left behind she should have this beat shes doing the right thing so don’t be s doushe bag bitch that family is suffering enough act like if buman beings if thats even possible in your fake rock n roll world

    • Cindy loo

      How do you think she gets nothing? She will get her portion when it’s paid out. Educate yourself & read about all of the lawsuits that she has out there. Read up on the foundation money & how much of it goes into her pocket. There’s a lot of information out there. Knowledge is power.

    • Anonymous

      Learn to spell for God’s sake if you want to post publicly!

    • Anonymous

      sounds like a relative of the K’s – the bad spelling and grammar is a dead give away. She is not suffering financially. She has multiple lawsuits pending, gained 20 million when he died, plus all of their assets and estates. Many argue that the 20 million is more like 60 million. That dealings of that charity is highly suspicious.

  7. KDS

    She will get her royalties when it is paid out. Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Sheppard have not received royalties either. Anyone having the tiniest margin of sympathy for Vicky Karayannis (she never referred to herself as “Cornell” until Chris passed) should do ten minutes reading. Sympathy should be reserved for her victims and the two children she is trying to mold to her form.

  8. Head down

    This woman’s ego is disgusting. Why does she want a say in marketing? All she did was be chris wife she has nothing to do with art or music. She is everything i can’t stand. Yeah she is entitled to Chris share of money. Obviously that’s what she cares about. Everything soundgarden was against. Ironic

  9. keri

    Actually she doesn’t… I went through it too and I am not trying to sue my husband’s
    business partners.