Kobalt Music Group Inks a Neighboring Rights Deal With Tones and I

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Rights management company Kobalt Music Group has inked a neighboring rights deal with Australian pop singer Tones and I.

With the support and resources of Kobalt behind her, Tones and I (whose real name is Toni Watson) will be in a position to maximize her royalties. The Victoria native burst onto the music scene with 2019’s “Dance Monkey.” In addition to having received 700 million YouTube views in less than a year, the track broke the previous records for the longest time atop British and Australian singles charts.

Speaking of the signing, Kobalt Managing Director Simon Moor complemented the success and depth of Tones and I’s music and indicated that “the future will be both bright as well as enduring!”

Similarly, Kobalt Neighboring Rights CEO (yes, they awesomely have a CEO for Neighboring Rights) Ann Tausis said that she was “very pleased” to be working with Tones and I. Tones and I’s three co-managers stated that they were “absolutely pumped” to sign the contract and more thoroughly protect their client’s neighboring rights.

Kobalt’s neighboring rights services help artists to secure owed royalties associated with radio plays, television usage (on live broadcasts—not syncing in pre-recorded programs), and public performances. Given the staggering scope of today’s music industry and the number of media outlets that utilize music, keeping track of—and assuring—neighboring royalties can prove difficult for those without the experience and reach of Kobalt.

Founded in 2000, Kobalt has a publishing catalog comprised of more than 600,000 songs from about 8,000 artists. The company’s neighboring rights division formed in 2011, and Kobalt Label Services debuted in 2012; the latter serves as a traditional record label, with the notable exception being that artists maintain ownership of their masters.

Tones and I’s debut EP, The Kids Are Coming, released last year. The singer is currently completing a European and North American tour, which has stops scheduled through the end of April.

2 Responses

  1. Nicky Knight

    Dance Monkey is a truly monster hit and has been a number one and top five streaming and download hit for 8 months.
    Especially in Australia and Uk (but still a massive global hit). Only one writer wrote this song.. didn’t take an L.A. songwriting hub/collective of 6 people to write it.

    It’s not a hit created by big artist/big label hype … although those things came along after it had already achieved a lot of success.

    Of course, how on earth do you follow up the biggest record in the world… surely this level of success to be repeated would be a miracle.

  2. ben

    yeah, please give T&I a shitload of money so this can stop once and for all…
    this “dance Money” song is a saw, thanks to overexposure