AMW Group Offers Top Music Label Services for Musicians and Record Labels

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The music and entertainment industry has experienced a noticeable decline in the way its traditional record label and entertainment houses were initially set up to capitalize on the creative talents of the artists and musicians it signed.

The following article comes from AMW Group, a proud partner of DMN.

In the past 10 years and more recently within the last 5 years, especially with the emergence of digital marketing, the rise in self-publishing and hundreds of product distribution outlets that allow artists to distribute their work directly to fans has fueled the success of both independent musicians and record labels.

The increasing popularity of digital music distribution platforms such as TuneCore, CD Baby, and Bandcamp has made it significantly easier for independent artists and record labels to introduce their music directly to their audiences. With this type of leverage, artists can now control the way and how they release their music, communicate directly with their fans, and build an authentic brand image without outside interference.

Whether they share their tunes online through a social platform like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or directly to a music publishing outlet like Spotify, Amazon, iTunes or SoundCloud, artists and labels can now do so directly without having to adhere to the rules and regulations of a major label.

With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment and live events industry, AMW Group has worked alongside some of the world’s top recording artists and performers promoting their music and helping them build their brand. Now, the international entertainment and marketing agency is introducing its signature music label services to help independent musicians and record labels create their own blueprints for success while managing their artists and talent in-house. The core services consist of brand building through digital marketing, social media management and publicity, getting your music heard through various promotional strategies, and planning your label’s business strategy for the long haul. Check out more information on AMW Group’s Music Label Services below to learn more about how they can help elevate your artists and their music to the next level.

1. Game Plan Strategy

For many independent record labels, one of the most challenging tasks a CEO has to take on is making sure they have a sufficient roadmap to not only creating the music but making sure it’s promoted effectively. In addition to recording schedules and project promotion, deciding on product release dates, video shoots, and potential business partnerships and collaborations will eventually find their way on the CEO’s to-do list.

But, before diving in without direction and the proper steps to manage the label, it’s important to consider your strategy. The game plan strategy can also serve as your business guide and will include an overall view of the label’s projects and products, marketing plans and launches, and a realistic timeline that will allow you to manage multiple aspects of your brand.

After the initial consultation to learn more about your project, AMW’s project management team will go to work putting together important elements of your game plan strategy. During this process, the team discusses your past accomplishments, current goals, upcoming product releases, and milestones while creating easy-to-use action steps which gives you direct control over the how and when you choose to promote your artists’ music. The Game Plan is a customized marketing plan where goals and objectives are clearly defined and laid out. All that needs to be done from there is making sure you’re keeping up with what’s in your Game Plan release schedule and making changes when necessary.

2. Digital Marketing

AMW’s digital marketing service covers the basic foundations of creating and maintaining a solid online presence. Whether it’s through paid banner ads, sponsored posts, YouTube promotion or Influencer campaigns, establishing a digital footprint is essential for independent labels as most consumers are supporting and purchasing the products they love online. It’s the same with music. With streaming music services like Spotify and iTunes which are incredible for independent artists who are looking to grow their brand, AMW’s digital marketing services puts your content directly in front of your audience.

Digital marketing is a must when it comes to creating awareness and increasing brand visibility online. Whether you are interested in promoting your album release on a pop culture blog or through a social media platform, AMW Group can build a catchy digital marketing campaign that embodies your image and help translate your message to your audience base. As the digital marketing industry continues to grow, it’s becoming more important to make sure you have effective strategies in place to reach your audience online.

3. Playlist Promotion

If no one hears your music, how can you expect to grow your emerging career into a sustainable business venture? You can’t. That’s why AMW’s playlist promotion service is the perfect opportunity to get your new tunes in rotation on platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and other major music streaming services and online retailers. Let a team of seasoned professionals secure playlist placements for your artist’s new record covering all genre types, including Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, Country, Rock, Contemporary, and Jazz. The success of your label will closely depend on the popularity of your artist, both traditional and digital music sales, and finding other opportunities to monetize your brand. The Playlist promotion service allows artists to be added to genre-specific playlists within Spotify where they are likely to be discovered and appreciated by new audiences.

4. Billboard Ads

While utilizing sites like Instagram and Facebook can be effective at promoting your label, using traditional advertising methods like Billboards can also get your message across. Outdoor advertising has been around for ages and it still works. AMW can get your music in front of the right people at the right time. The Billboard ad service can help put your message on blast with direct exposure in high traffic areas and locations.

Whether you are promoting an album release or a live event, the prominent size and placement of a billboard are bound to draw attention. Also, with the latest technological advancements towards digital billboards, you don’t have to worry if anyone will see your ad.

Digital billboards are large, bright, and display images and graphics in a way that traditional billboards do not. Overall, digital billboards are likely to be recognized more by people passing because their display alone attracts attention. Let AMW Group take your product to the big screen with a beautifully digitized Billboard ad that puts your project at the center of attention.

5. Music PR Campaigns

Publicity can be an excellent source of organic exposure for artists who are managed through an independent label. Not only does publicity open the door for your artist to be seen and heard through a different medium rather than the in-house staff or production team, but publicity is also the cornerstone of building a solid press foundation. AMW’s PR Campaigns are built to suit the needs of new and well-known artists.

Managed by a team of PR professionals, AMW’s PR campaigns are a great way to directly present your brand voice and image to the masses. From digital publicity campaigns to the more extensive, traditional campaigns, AMW has PR services suitable for all types of music projects and has established itself as an industry leader launching and executing successful campaigns. Music PR can make all the difference in being an artist people are familiar with and being an artist no one has ever heard of. AMW Group can present your label’s artists to a variety of media opportunities, including but not limited to online blog placements, magazine features, television, radio and podcast interviews, and even live appearances and performances.

6. Social Media Management

It’s highly likely that most record labels will have at least two to three artists on their roster when they’re just starting out. These artists will have different projects, recording schedules, performance dates, and so on. They will also have different social media profiles with accounts on the most popular platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Some labels and artists take time out to update their status, post and engage in fresh content and interact with their fanbase, but it’s not always possible.

AMW offers social media management services that will allow you to focus on creating music and running your label while we focus on creating your content calendar and posting regularly on your profiles to keep your fans engaged. Social media management includes collaborating with your team to lay out a suitable content schedule, sourcing images and artwork that highlight your brand and making sure your social content tells the best message for your brand. AMW can also assist with the organic growth of your social profiles with a custom campaign targeting specific demographics and regions.

Managing a business of any kind takes time, effort, and hard work. Managing a record label is certainly no different. If you’re a new artist, currently running a record label or planning to launch one soon, AMW Group is the right team to call when it comes to developing your label.

Their expert team of music and marketing professionals have over 20+ years in the industry and can help take your label from A to Z with a variety of services including Game Plan Strategy, Digital Marketing, Playlist Promotion, Billboard Ads, PR Campaigns and Social Media Management.

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