Well Played, Apple: Lady Gaga’s Latest Music Video Was Shot Entirely With an iPhone 11

Lady Gaga iPhone 11 Pro
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Lady Gaga iPhone 11 Pro
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Photo Credit: Apple

Apple has partnered with Lady Gaga to promote the iPhone 11 Pro and its professional-quality camera.

The music video for Lady Gaga’s latest single, “Stupid Love,” was shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro. Apple features a copy of the music video on its YouTube channel. The phrase “Shot on iPhone 11 Pro” appears before the music video’s name.

The video is directed by Daniel Askill with cinematography by Sebastian Wintero and editing by Lorin Askill. Askill used the Filmic Pro app on the iPhone 11 Pro to capture a more cinematic framerate. Some “additional hardware” accompanies the shoot – lighting equipment and stabilizers.

Apple is turning to the music industry to showcase how iPhone cameras offer professional quality results. Last year in October, Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” also used an iPhone 11 Pro for filming. An entire psychological horror movie, Unsane, filmed using the iPhone 7 Plus back in 2018.

Lady Gaga is no stranger to partnering with Apple for promotion. The singer performed at an exclusive private concert at Apple Park when the company opened its new campus. She performed several of her hits, including “Shallow,” “Poker Face,” and “Born This Way.”

Lady Gaga will release her sixth studio album sometime in 2020.

Apple is struggling to justify the rising cost of its flagship smartphone series. Now that devices are as thin and bezel-less as possible, manufacturers have turned to cameras.

Apple, Google, and Samsung are in an arms race to make the best possible smartphone camera experience. All three flagship smartphones feature telephoto and wide-angle lenses for multiple shot angles using a single device.

Maybe partnering with celebrities and singers to create their music videos can justify the high price. Not everyone needs a professional-quality camera in their pocket that can shoot music videos (with additional equipment) on a whim.

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  1. Keef

    Meanwhile, The Rolling Stones…not to be outdone…will be shooting their next video with a Motorola flip phone.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I actually shot a video presentation for a conference on a flip phone back in ’06/’07- it might have been a motorola.