Austin Fundraiser Emerges to Help Businesses Impacted by SXSW Cancellation

SXSW host city Austin, TX
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SXSW host city Austin, TX
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SXSW host city Austin, TX (photo: Avi Werde)

The ‘Banding Together ATX’ fundraiser aims to compensate businesses, artists, and professionals affected by SXSW 2020’s cancellation.

In the wake of SXSW’s cancellation over coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, corporate sponsors have launched a fundraising initiative to help Austin businesses, employees, and artists compensate for lost income and promotion.

SXSW 2019 had an estimated $355.9 million impact on Austin’s economy, and naturally, local companies, artists, and service workers, to name just some, have been impacted financially by the decision to scrap this year’s edition. The economic blow is said to have been amplified by the last-minute nature of the cancellation, which came after much preparation and related work had already been performed.

Now, artist-booking platform has teamed up with Heard Presents, an event promotion company, for “Banding Together ATX.” A number of Austin businesses have also co-sponsored the charitable effort, which will facilitate live performances and showcases to “make ten glorious days of music, art, culture and technology happen across our city,” thereby providing individuals with compensation and affording companies a chance to make up for some of their lost revenue.

Said replacement showcases are being planned presently, and anyone “whose lifeblood is subsidized by SXSW” can reach out to Banding Together’s sponsors for support. Donors will be “granted priority access” to the shows that result from the fundraiser.

SXSW 2020 was scheduled to take place between March 13th and 22nd, but corporate cancellations—from the likes of Netflix, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and the Big Three record labels—were amplified by growing concerns among attendees. The situation prompted city officials to scrap the event for the first time in its 34-year history.

In the preceding weeks, SXSW organizers had insisted that the 10-day gathering would go on as planned. To be sure, SXSW’s official announcement of the cancellation struck something of a defiant tone, placing the weight of the decision on “the City of Austin” and reiterating that Austin Public Health doesn’t believe that the cancellation will improve the safety of Austin residents.

At the time of this piece’s writing, Banding Together ATX had raised approximately $8,000 on GoFundMe.

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  1. Thunder

    How fragile who knew
    While musicians song writers starve as the industry takes every fraction of a cent away from us the store fronts can’t handle any cancellations
    No wonder the THEFT has been so savage to ACTUAL CREATORS who make it work month after month with NO HELP FROM GOVT OR THE INDUSTRY to curbs what is the greatest art THEFT in history
    This is how easily the industry comes down
    Dance in the ashes fellow creators
    Compose opuses to exhalt the waling of the MEGA rich whom have stolen pennies from your mouth to buy a 4th house and sugar the noses of all the lawyers who have infiltrated the music business promoted entertainers over musicians
    A charity event for Stallin would be less grotesque
    You can’t run we creators know who you are
    And we will remember

    • Trish

      You may want to consider checking yourself back in and taking those meds they prescribed you.

      • Typical Shill

        It is normal to insult those you have injured

      • I see u

        Oh here is a wailing simp now
        how much money did you steal from artists today
        How’s the view in your mansion
        Enjoying the feeling of the walls closing in
        Because they are you THIEF
        I love the back end of this site you can see who’s commenting here
        It’s usually the authors
        They are NEVER on the musicians side

    • Angelito

      Can I send you some money to buy a period? They are commonly used to alert the reader that your sentence has ended.

  2. Anon

    Trish…You got a little something on your nose
    Probibally baby powder
    Right Tish
    Sniff Sniff