Madonna’s Disastrous ‘Madame X’ Tour Is Officially Cancelled

Madonna cancel tour
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Madonna cancel tour
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Photo Credit: Madonna / CC by 4.0

Madonna’s disastrous ‘Madame X’ tour is done – final shows canceled over coronavirus concerns.

The 61-year-old singer had two final shows in Paris at the Le Grand Rex on March 10-11. Both shows are now listed as canceled on her official website.

Live Nation confirmed the cancellation is due to restrictions imposed over the coronavirus outbreak. France has banned gatherings of more than 1,000 to try and control the spread of coronavirus cases.

“Following official notification from the Office of the Police this morning prohibiting all events with an audience attendance of over 1,000 – Live Nation regrets to announce the final two Madame X tour performances are cancelled,” the statement reads.

The final two performances of this tour were already re-scheduled once after Madonna suffered injuries.

Overall, several tour dates ended up canceled on this disastrous run of a tour. Madonna has yet to speak out on the cancellation, but she probably finds the timing very convenient.

The singer said she was forced to undergo six hours of rehab each day she performed. Her doctors recommended she stop performing back-to-back shows and give herself a day between to rest.

SXSW is the first major festival to cancel its event – but other shows are hanging by a thread. Coachella, Stagecoach, and Glastonbury are all facing pressure to cancel this year.

The ‘Madame X’ tour hasn’t been without its problems since it launched last year.

Madonna was forced to cancel several shows in the United States in Boston and Miami. At the end of one of her final concerts in Paris, she missed the chair and fell on the floor causing another cancellation. The singer is relying on knee supports and a cane to walk, so maybe a 79-date tour was just a bit too much.

Overall, 14 shows were canceled in the US, UK, Portugal, and France. Madonna said being forced to cancel her shows is “a kind of punishment for me.”

33 Responses

  1. Beau

    Finally ripping off the bandaid. This was a mess from the start.

    • YO MAMA

      Saw the show back in September and enjoyed it but the album took a while to grow on me. The 76 date tour came from the fact it was smaller venues and was paid for out her own pocket. Look forward to the dvd release.

      • Beau

        I’ll definitely check out the DVD. I wonder how much she lost on it.

    • Wes

      A Mess? For Once in Her Life things didn’t go as planned? How many times in your life has that happened?

  2. Tom Tom

    I wouldn’t worry too much for her, she’s a billionaire with a massive ego and insatiable appetite for well developed males.

  3. Brock

    Who is this author? sorry ‘Ashley’ but there are too many online authors that just rip people apart, yet have no real talents or contributions to offer the world. Why not use your voice for something useful.

    • Douglas Bradley

      I agree, this was not a disastrous tour.

      It set a record as the highest grossing tour for an artist performing in a theatre tour.

      It has been praised by critics worldwide.

      When football players are out half a season for an injury they don’t criticize them and they are in their 20’s and 30’s.

      People should just be nicer.

    • olvskn

      why the hate Ashley? you couldn’t afford the tix? she was in pain and was forced to cancelled some shows.. i attended her show in London and she braved through her injuries. have some compassion to this hardworking woman who still dares to challenge herself. go spit your venom to the wannabes and pretenders who cancel their shows telling everyone it was due to back pain except that it was because they couldn’t fill the arena. *cough*

      • Anonymous

        is she a millenial :))))
        disastrous article i should say

  4. Brad

    Anyone have any news (or even rumours) on when the Madame X Tour DVD will be released????

  5. Wes

    Tour was AMAZING I was fortunate to see 6 Shows the Last none was in Paris March 3rd.

  6. Anonymous

    Disastrous??? Lol this “writer” got some nerves…. I hate this type of negative oriented press. The show was amazing, a totally different Madonna show; “The Theater of Madonna”, saw it live and cant wait for the bluray. The Queen didnt disappoint!

    • Anonymous

      Omg finally someone mentions Blu-Ray. I dont know why people want to watch this show on a low quality dvd

  7. joan thomas

    Disastrous?! I saw the show in Chicago in October. Madonna puts on a theatrical performance. Which show did you attend? The choreography, visuals, and singing were top notch. Did you see Madonna’s iconic performance of Frozen along with footage of Lourdes’ dance?! It was a moment I’ll never forget.

    There was nothing disastrous about it, Ashley.

    • Blah Blah Billie

      She doesn’t go to any shows she writes what she’s told to write

      • varga

        yeah, she just reviewed other articles — typical
        lazy commentator, hater

  8. Cory

    This Ashley slag is so rude and disrespectful. Did you even see the show? This tour was incredible, and it was hardly “disastrous,” unlike Ashley’s snarky reporting. By the way, performers who do residences in places like Las Vegas cancel quite often, Mariah, Brittney, JLo, and others, yet Madonna constantly receives negative press for everything she does. Pathetic.

  9. PutaBitch

    For all Madonna die hard fans. This whole drama started with Cha Cha. I took a pill and had a dream i went back to my 17 year. Vencon conmigo lets take a trip. What a Trip it was. Sucking Maluma Toe on Medellin. Creating drama at the Eurovision contest. Falling then charging astronomical prices for tickets to the show. No singles released as cds. I think i only got a little excited when my friends say that they saw her name on the Chicago Theater marquee. Other than that the album and tour i knew were back to the same mess because she choose to work with Mirwais again. I was teying to be hopeful. But i was not a fan of Mirwais before and now with Madame X. I can safely say I told you so! So she cannot act and she only dreamed about being a spy that unfortunately failed at her mission. But i am sure she is still happy going to the bank. I on the other hand have to pay my rent, like rest of the Queens. Madame X, I Don’t search, i find a way to get out of this tour alive, thats what I crave the most!

  10. Ktsim

    This article is a joke and you should be ashamed for publishing it. The author and I use the term loosely, obviously has an axe to grind. Seriously….This was one of the best tours in history. So creative and different. Saw it twice and was blown away each time. Can’t wait for the DVD now.

    • Anonymous

      Ashleeeey, did you get your paycheck from the Haus

  11. Bart

    A bit salty, Ashley? Is that because you know you’ll never achieve anything as big as Madonna has?
    Even with technical difficulties, a knee injury and the Corona virus, Madonna managed to give a magnificent show 75 times, instead of the planned 93. Let’s see you do that when you’re 61.

  12. varga

    yeah, she just reviewed other articles — typical
    lazy commentator, hater

  13. Eddy

    While more reputable publications gave the show rave reviews… you decided to call it “disastrous”despite the 61 year old woman kept going with a knee injury. just plain Ageism and woman not supporting other woman.
    ultimately this is an example how this 61 year old is till giving so called “journalist”a job even if it is just for vane criticism. Hope you get to write some good material next time that can stand on its own and it does not need you to mention one of the word’s biggest stars.

  14. TC

    Wow could the author of this article be any more condescending? Maybe you’d preferMadonna doing just endless Greatest Hits tours like so many of her counterparts and not try anything new? I saw her Madame X show in London, it was amazing. The intimacy of it was incredible. She had to cancel some shows due to injury, not her fault, she could have cancelled the entire tour. Coronavirus isn’t her fault either! Can’t wait for the tour show to come out on DVD.

  15. anon

    A long-time fan here, and this show has almost killed my liking of Madonna. The actual performance was good. But I baked in the venue I was in, and left 2/3rds of the way through the concert (and only stayed that long because I had paid a lot of money (for me) to see the show and didn’t want to waste it by leaving — but did leave. It got too late, I was too hot, and blocking too many people’s view…).

  16. Bruce

    I saw it in LA, and it was amazing! Y’all haters. lol