Deezer Pushes Big Screen Lyrics With a Chromecast Release

Deezer Chromecast Lyrics
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Deezer Chromecast Lyrics
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Photo Credit: Deezer

The Deezer music app now supports showcasing lyrics on Google Chromecast devices.

The feature is available to all Deezer users, both free and paid. Real-time lyrics are something music streaming services typically lock behind a subscription.

Deezer hopes bringing lyrics to the big screen will set it apart from rival streaming services. The feature works will all Google Cast compatible devices – including TVs with built-in Chromecast.

“Music listening has become a multi-device experience. One day you’re in the mood for lyrics on the big screen; the next, you’re playing music on loudspeakers. Now, with Chromecast, it’s not an either-or situation,” Deezer’s Chief Product and Growth Officer, Stefan Tweraser said in a press release.

Deezer says Chromecast lyrics is available right now for all Android and paying iOS subscribers.

Lyrics on Cast for free subscribers who use iOS will be available in the coming weeks. It marks one of the few times that a music streaming service has prioritized its Android customers over iOS.

It’s a novel approach, but one that is easy to mimic. Both Google Play Music and YouTube Music support Google Chromecast devices out of the box.

In 2018, Amazon launched a competitor to Chromecast called Alexa Cast. All of its Echo devices support that format, which can be hacked to support Chromecast. Google and Amazon’s long-held grudge stops Amazon Music from supporting Chromecast outright.

How to Chromecast Lyrics Using Deezer

  • Find the song you want to listen to in the Deezer app.
  • Tap the cast icon at the top, right-hand corner
  • Select a Chromecast device on your network
  • Now the lyrics will appear on the connected Chromecast device

It’s an interesting move for Deezer to offer the feature to free users. The French-based streaming company is likely hoping it will give its free service an edge over competitors.

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  1. Tahmoor khan

    Mind boggling how far we have come yet I despite everything wonder isn’t it too difficult to even think about reading the verses on a modest screen. Without a doubt, it has the capacity to show verses progressively however it’s much troublesome. I do like having the option to play the music on it and utilizing SoundHound.