Amazon Music for Artists Officially Sets Sail With Deep Alexa Integration

Amazon Music for Artists
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Amazon Music for Artists
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Photo Credit: Amazon

Amazon Music for Artists is now available – providing analytics data and deep Alexa integration.

Amazon launched the analytics platform for artists late last week to match Spotify and Apple Music. These analytics tools give artists insight and stats about how fans interact with music on the platform. That data is becoming increasingly relevant to the music industry for its value in music discovery.

Amazon Music for Artists is available on both iOS and Android, and as a website.

The app gives artists stats like total listening stats or more granular data like 24-hour performance. Artists can see which country their fans are from, real-time streaming data, and which fans engage the most. The app also keeps track of the Amazon Music playlists and stations where their music appears. Data goes back to 2018 and refreshes every few hours.

One difference between Amazon Music for Artists and competitors – it includes Alexa data. That data consists of an artists’ total number of voice requests as well as more granular data. Artists can see how fans request albums, songs, or lyrics using Alexa.

Voice-command data may drive new ways for artists to promote themselves. Spotify is rumored to be looking into voice controls with the ‘Hey, Spotify’ command. Amazon’s Alexa service serves up more music than any other digital assistant. Granular data that includes how fans interact vocally with their favorite music is the next digital frontier.

Amazon confirms that the “Alexa, play…”command is the second-most popular voice request.

Only voice commands to set a timer beat out requests to play music, according to Amazon Music’s director.  CD Baby is the only distributor launch partner for the new app. Artists who are distributed through CD Baby will be fast-tracked for the new feature if they apply for access. Amazon says more distributors will come to the service “soon.”

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