IMPALA Launches Coronavirus Task Force, Works to Develop Relief Guidelines

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(photo: IMPALA)

IMPALA, one of Europe’s foremost independent record label trade associations, has established a task force to gauge the financial impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and develop recovery-minded strategies.

The IMPALA COVID-19 Task Force will release a collection of suggested relief measures next week, and these guidelines will center on possible responses from the European Union, individual countries’ governments, and record labels themselves. Additionally, the IMPALA Task Force is expected to hold weekly calls and regular meetings to assist government officials and member companies as they take steps to alleviate the economic strain of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, IMPALA Executive Chair Helen Smith voiced support for many of the public health measures that have been implemented, while also stating that “some [governments] are leaving too many decisions to businesses,” thereby “causing unnecessary confusion and hardship.”

In a separate statement, Francesca Trainini, who chairs IMPALA and the Task Force, said, “The IMPALA Task Force is working on a call to action on all key levels.”

The coronavirus pandemic has inhibited the earning potential and commercial outlook of companies and performers throughout the music industry. Concert promoters, event organizers, and artists have called off countless functions in response to the crisis, which may require several months to pass, according to medical professionals.

The coronavirus has proven especially devastating to Europe—so much so that a World Health Organization (WHO) official recently labeled the continent COVID-19’s new epicenter. Italy, the hardest-hit European state to date, reported yesterday that an additional 427 citizens have passed away from the infection; accounting for these latest casualties, Italy’s COVID-19 deaths surpassed those of China, where the coronavirus started.

Spain entered lockdown earlier this week and, overnight, reported 209 more COVID-19 deaths. France is also on lockdown, and its coronavirus deaths have jumped by over 50 percent during the last day or so.

On Tuesday, the European Union accepted the advice of health authorities and closed its member states’ borders to non-citizens.