Neil Diamond Remixes ‘Sweet Caroline’ for Coronavirus — “Don’t Touch Me, I Won’t Touch You”

Neil Diamond coronavirus
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Neil Diamond coronavirus
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Photo Credit: Irisgerh / CC by 2.0

Neil Diamond shared a remix of “Sweet Caroline” on social media – with lyrics for coronavirus quarantiners.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Diamond says he’s looking to soothe. On Saturday, he debuted the parody remix of his 1969 hit with brand new lyrics.

“I know we’re going through a rough time right now, but I love you, and I think maybe if we sing together, well, we’ll just feel a little bit better,” Diamond told his fans. “Give it a try, okay?”

Diamond sits next to his fireplace with his pet, playing the familiar tune on an acoustic guitar.

“Hands, washing hands,” Diamond sings about coronavirus prevention. “Reaching out / Don’t touch me / I won’t touch you.” The revised lyrics, of course, harken the CDC’s recommended guidelines for preventing the spread of coronavirus.

The parody has garnered over 100,000 likes on Twitter since Diamond shared the video. Of course, he isn’t the only famous name keeping people entertained during their quarantine. Just recently, John Legend took to Instagram for an impromptu concert. And DJ Nice held an impromptu DJ session with Oprah, Michelle Obama, and others stopping by.

The Neil Diamond coronavirus remix is light-hearted and welcoming at a time when many face uncertainty.

Meanwhile, indie DJs and musicians are flocking to the gaming platform Twitch to earn money. The platform is uniquely monetized for performers to collect tips from their audience. Some musicians are finding that Twitch is the only way to support themselves while the coronavirus shutdown continues.

The coronavirus outbreak has paralyzed the live music and tourism industries. Huge annual shows like SXSW and Ultra Miami were canceled, while others are shifting online. June festivals like Bonnaroo are postponing until September in the hopes the outbreak will be resolved by then.

Even The IOC is considering postponing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – a hesitant decision that has wavered for weeks. For now, several states have issued shelter-in-place orders to their citizens.

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