Spotify Launches New Podcast API for Developers

Spotify podcast API
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Spotify podcast API
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Photo Credit: Unsplash

Spotify is launching a new set of podcast APIs for third-party developers.

The new APIs will allow developers to integrate Spotify podcasts into their products. That includes searching the Spotify podcast catalog, showing episode info, or creating podcasting apps.

Spotify’s blog post says its podcast API “will allow developers to explore and build unique experiences to help your shows reach new listeners in new ways.”

The new Spotify podcast API functions similarly to Spotify’s music APIs. Developers can pull podcast-related data into their apps and products. The APIs will allow developers to search Spotify’s 700,000 podcasts and fetch information.

Spotify says it’s exciting to see what developers come up with now that they have access to the APIs.

“We can’t wait to see what developers will come up with using this API, and watch how these new ideas and projects might serve our podcast creators and increase discoverability.”

That last bit there is the vital part – increase podcast discoverability. Spotify has heavily invested in making its app a destination for podcast lovers. Apple has a head start on Spotify in that realm, as iTunes is the birthplace of the modern podcast.

Releasing a developer API for podcast information makes third-party podcast apps more viable. Apps like Pocket Casts and Castbox rely on these APIs for their information.

Spotify has experimented with some changes to its app to help podcast discoverability. But without an API and the support of third-party developers, it still plays second fiddle to Apple. These changes may help propel Spotify to the front of the podcast-loving pack if developers embrace the API.

Developers will be able to create apps that share what you’re listening to, calendar integration, and more. The possibilities here are endless – developers have been using Spotify’s music APIs for decades. Playlist Miner is one example; it searches Spotify’s most popular playlists for the keywords you specify.