10 Places You Can Find Royalty-Free Music

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Ready to make an insanely effective marketing video?

You have the content, the storyboard, and the best editing software in the game. And now all you need is the perfect music.

The right song choice can bring your marketing video from good to great. And you can locate music that fits within your marketing budget by using royalty-free music.

Wondering where to find royalty-free music?

Read below for 10 places to locate the best royalty-free music options for your next marketing video.

What Is Royalty-Free Music?

Before reviewing the top sites for royalty-free music, let’s discuss what it is and more importantly what it isn’t. Royalty-free music doesn’t mean free tracks you can use for any project. It gives you the right to use copyrighted music.

So, when you use royalty-free music you don’t have to pay royalties to use the content. You are purchasing the license to use the music. Sometimes you can get a free license for the music, but not always.

Basically, royalty-free doesn’t always mean totally free – sometimes you have to pay for the licensing fee to use the music. Now, for what you really want to know – where to find this royalty-free music!

1. Jamendo

Jamendo has a great selection of royalty-free music for a $49 standard licensing fee. You can sort through songs based on what you want to use them for.

Have a YouTube marketing video you want to go viral? Or a Facebook video customers can share with all their friends? Search by platform using Jamendo and find the right music to optimize your success.

2. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library allows you to search songs by genre. The library features thousands of songs from hip-hop to indie rock. You can also search based on the feeling of the video, for example, “upbeat”, “calm”, or “suspenseful”.

To locate the YouTube audio library, look for the create section of YouTube. Take your time using the search feature to find the perfect song for your video. If you have questions about music for YouTube videos, you can find policy information in the Audio Library as well.

3. Audio Jungle

Welcome to the Audio Jungle – where you can search among 586,000 tracks for your next video. This site offers royalty-free music starting at just $1 per song.

They have a great search function so you can filter by which genre of music you’re looking for. You can also find specific audio effects to add some flare to your video.

4. Bensound

Ben sound is an artist-run, royalty-free music site. Music is uploaded by artist Benjamin Tissot who has experience in everything from animation videos to corporate training videos. The site is easy to use and has a great search function.

Many of the songs from Bensound are free! But if you want access to the entire library of songs, consider purchasing the 1-year unlimited downloads package for $129.

5. Comma Music

Looking for music from professional composers? Comma Music features an impressive collection of royalty-free music that you can browse for free.

Use Comma Music to filter through songs based on keywords, genre, or even length of the track. The selection of songs and affordable purchase prices make it one of the best music libraries available. They make it simple to browse, listen to, and purchase tracks for your next big project.

6. Incompetech

What if you could listen to over 2,000 tracks for a one-time charge of $38? Sounds too good to be true -right? Well, Incompetech and its musical founder Kevin MacLeod are offering exactly that.

You can download tracks according to genre or you can search for music for film scoring. If you want your marketing videos to have the mood of an old-school horror film, you can find the perfect music on Incompetech.

Also, take a look at the lists of most recent and most downloaded music to get a feel for what royalty-free music you can find on Incompetech.

7. SoundCloud

You’ve heard of SoundCloud – it’s where all the amateur DJs post their music. But did you know you can also find awesome public domain music?

You can use SoundCloud to find background music for any of your upcoming marketing videos. Want a relaxing spa sound or happy dance tunes – you can find both on SoundCloud.

Another great feature of this site is the “likes” data. You can see if a track is popular before deciding to use it for your video. SoundCloud has authentic background music for any marketing video genre.

8. DL Sounds

DL Sounds feature royalty-free and just plain free music. Some tracks may require payment or a subscription but some are totally copyright-free. You can start by browsing their free tracks and if you don’t find what you like – keep looking.

DL sounds offers a variety of music and various sounds that could work for your marketing video project. This site is easy to navigate and could be a good option if you have a limited budget.

9. Premium Beat

Check out Premium Beat for a music library curated by music experts. You can find high-quality royalty-free music from a reputable brand. Premium Beat is affiliated with Shutterstock, a well-known royalty-free photo site.

If you have some money to spend on your marketing video – try Premium Beats. Tracks cost $49 per standard license or $199 for a premium license.

10. Pond5

If you are someone that likes to have a lot of choices – Pond5 could be the right royalty-free music library for you. With over 500,000 tracks to choose from you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Pond5 charges about $22 per track or you can save money by purchasing a monthly or annual bundle instead. It’s one of the more expensive options but you have access to every genre you could imagine.

Get Started on Your Marketing Video Today

Know you know where to find royalty-free music, so it’s time to get started! Find a site with the right selection and price point and start browsing for tracks for your marketing video.

Make sure to use the appropriate filters and search features to make the most out of your royalty-free music searching experience. And don’t be afraid to try a few songs before choosing the right one.

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