John Mayer Roasts David Geffen’s Isolation Humblebrag With ‘Drone Shot of My Yacht’

David Geffen's humblebrag featuring a drone-shot of his yacht at dusk.
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David Geffen's humblebrag featuring a drone-shot of his yacht at dusk.
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David Geffen’s humblebrag featuring a drone-shot of his yacht at dusk.

Earlier this week, billionaire record mogul David Geffen humblebragged about isolating on his 450 ft. yacht in the Grenadines. Now, the roasting is entering a whole new level, thanks to John Mayer.

David Geffen’s tone-deaf humblebrag featured a drone-snapped photo of his 450 ft. superyacht, complete with the caption, “Sunset last night… isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus. I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.” The extremely ill-timed display of ostentatious wealth led to a swift shaming, with Geffen immediately making his Instagram account private. But that’s hardly tamping out the surging flame of ridicule.

Enter John Mayer, who spent the last 24 hours writing an entire song dedicated to roasting Geffen’s gaffe. Titled ‘Drone Shot of My Yacht,’ the accompanying Instagram video features endless drone-shot pics of Geffen’s yacht against beautiful backdrops — including, of course, the Grenadines.

For those looking for a shot of humor in these times, Mayer has definitely delivered.  “Drone shot of my yacht, it’s all I got, I’m all alone on the water,” Mayer sings in a catchy chorus atop an upbeat track.  Awesomely, the video features one drone-snapped superyacht photo after another, all of which seem to be Geffen’s actual boat.

“If it’s stuck in my head, it might as well be stuck in yours. Here’s ‘Drone Shot of My Yacht,’ as featured on last night’s @currentmood,” Mayer relayed to his 4.9 million Instagram followers, referring to his ‘unofficial show,’ Current Mood. The video itself had already been viewed more than 850,000 times by Tuesday evening — though that number is likely to climb quickly.


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Whether the roasting prompts any meaningful response from Geffen is unclear. As of Tuesday, it appears that David Geffen has nuked his entire Instagram account, which suggests a serious retreat. But maybe Geffen is planning a philanthropic comeback — perhaps by chartering his boat towards the troubled waters of New York City and converting his yacht into a temporary COVID-19 hospital. Even a donation would do the trick, and transform a humblebrag into a memorable gesture of goodwill. Until then, let the roasting continue.

6 Responses

  1. Rodney

    Mayer…whatever. Great guitarist, but cmon, leave Geffen alone. So what he has a boat?

  2. Angelito

    Rich people problems. They are not struggling to pay their rent.

    • Milton

      This virus doesn’t discriminate depending on wealth. We’ve seen that with Joe Diffie. Geffen has the same risk as anyone else to get this and he’s quarantined on his boat. Big deal.

      • Angelito

        My point was: who gives a rat’s fart about what one rich person says about another? People are losing their homes, jobs, cars, etc. and we are concerned about millionaires (billionaires) insulting each other?

        What a strange world. We get what we deserve for panicking. I hope the US wakes up soon and realizes the cure is worse than the disease.

        • Milton

          I agree with your first part, but tend to disagree with the second. Sure, there are some people who are doing stupid things like hoarding toilet paper. Yes, that is an unnecessary panic. Then there are those who completely ignore the situation and go on cruises or spring break. The cure will not be worse than the disease to those people who have lost loved ones.

          • Angelito

            Life sucks. Western culture is soft. People die.