Plácido Domingo, 79, Rides Out His Coronavirus Infection: “I Feel Fine”

Placido Domingo performs in Buenos Aires in 2011 (photo: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires CC by 2.0)

Plácido Domingo performs in Buenos Aires in 2011 (photo: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires CC by 2.0)

Famed opera singer Plácido Domingo has delivered a relatively positive bit of coronavirus news. Approximately ten days after coming down with COVID-19, he’s recovering at home and feeling “fine.”

The 79-year-old took to Facebook to update fans on his health and his recovery process; on March 22nd, he revealed (also via Facebook) that he’d tested positive for COVID-19. In the most recent post, Domingo indicated that he’d decided to write because there’s “a lot of confusing and incorrect information about my current health condition” circulating.

He went on to note that his doctors immediately suspected coronavirus as the cause of his flu-like symptoms, and consequently, he promptly began receiving treatment. The Spain native spent about a week in a Mexican hospital and was released over the weekend. At home, Domingo is continuing his doctor’s recommended regiment of “therapy and rest.”

Plácido Domingo closed his Facebook statement by voicing support for those who are suffering from COVID-19, thanking “those who are generously working to save lives,” and encouraging everyone to be safe.

The coronavirus crisis has had a profound impact on society and the economy, and the music industry has hardly been exempted from the pandemic’s influence. Organizers, artists, and companies have called off virtually all upcoming music festivals, concerts, and functions to comply with government orders and prevent attendees from spreading COVID-19. Naturally, financial difficulties—for artists and professionals alike—have accompanied this disruption to live events, recording, and music’s other revenue-generating facets.

The novel coronavirus is also leaving its mark on the health of prominent music-industry voices. Universal Music Group (UMG) CEO Lucian Grainge is battling COVID-19, as is country music legend John Prine. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jackson Browne has experienced mild symptoms and is self-quarantining. Additionally, country mainstay Joe Diffie recently passed away from coronavirus complications. He was 61 years old.

To date, medical professionals have diagnosed more than 800,000 worldwide COVID-19 cases. However, experts believe that the actual number of infections is quite higher; as testing continues to become quicker and more prevalent, the figure will rise. Nearly 40,000 COVID-19 sufferers have perished, while about 173,000 have fully recovered.

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