TikTok Commits $250 Million to Coronavirus Aid — Plus $125 Million In Free Ads

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TikTok announced today that it will provide $250 million to COVID-19 relief efforts, in addition to $125 million worth of ad credits for public-health organizations and small businesses. 

TikTok President Alex Zhu unveiled his company’s contribution plans earlier today; the details were shared with Digital Music News and other publications. The aforementioned $250 million earmarked for relief is set to reach several charities, including $150 million for the TikTok Health Heroes Relief Fund, which equips medical professionals with additional compensation and equipment.

Next, TikTok will forward $40 million to the TikTok Community Relief Fund, which in turn distributes funds to “local organizations that serve groups representative of TikTok’s diverse user communities,” musicians and artists among them. Plus, the tech brand has committed to matching $10 million in individual donations to the Community Relief Fund.

TikTok will disperse the final $50 million of its pledge as educational grants, to help teachers, parents, and students adapt to the coronavirus’s impact on learning. Schools and colleges throughout the United States and the world are still closed because of the COVID-19 risk. During the last 24 hours alone, Louisiana, Oregon, and Pennsylvania’s governors announced that their states’ school closures will span the remainder of the academic year. 

Lastly, TikTok will make $100 million worth of ad credits available to small businesses, to assist them in attracting customers and bolstering revenue as the coronavirus crisis subsides. Also, $25 million in “prominent in-feed ad space” will be provided to non-government organizations and nonprofit agencies, besides “trusted health sources.” 

In other COVID-19 charity news, Cardi B and Fashion Nova recently started giving away $1,000 per hour to those affected financially by the novel coronavirus. The far-reaching charitable undertaking will continue through May 20th, until a total of $1 million has been distributed. 

A little over two weeks ago, TikTok donated $10 million to the World Health Organization‘s Solidarity Response Fund.

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