Jimmy Iovine Powers Funding Round for FaZe Clan Gaming Platform

Jimmy Iovine FaZe Clan
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Jimmy Iovine FaZe Clan
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Photo Credit: FaZe

FaZe Clan is announcing an exclusive partnership with an e-commerce and merch company, Ntwrk.

Ntwrk offers limited edition product drops from sports stars like LeBron James and singers like Billie Eilish. Ntwrk led the funding round for FaZe Clan, securing the global direct-to-consumer product rights. Jimmy Iovine is a crucial investor in the deal.

“FaZe Clan is a very powerful pipeline into gaming culture, and their cultural impact reminds me of the early days of ’90s hip-hop,” Iovine told Variety in a statement. “It’s a really smart way into e-commerce — through culture, and it feels like a great combination with Ntwrk.”

FaZe Clan got its start in 2010 and has since accumulated over 215 million fans across the globe. Its social platforms and original content create over 500 million views per month.

FaZe Clan CEO Lee Trink says Jimmy Iovine’s investment will help skyrocket the brand to new heights beyond just gaming.

“His belief in FaZe Clan as the next cultural wave, not just in gaming but in entertainment overall, is an incredible representation of the transformative shift happening right now,” he said.

Beyond exclusive product drops, Ntwrk is a video commerce platform that also serves up live videos and celebrity talent. The company was founded by Aaron Levant, Jimmy Iovine, and Gaston Dominguez-Letelier in 2018. Investors in the platform include Live Nation, Foot Locker, and LeBron James.

Ntwrk aims its products at Gen Z and millennials, who value exclusive content and experiences with their favorite stars and creators. Ntwrk will offer exclusive content and merch to help FaZe extend its branding and cultural influence.

The best comparison to draw here is to the Supreme brand, which is well-known among skateboarders. FaZe hopes to become a brand recognizable to all gamers by providing “high-intensity drops that fans line up around the block for.”