Ticketmaster Slammed by U.S. Congresswoman: ‘Worst Customer Service In Any Industry’

U.S. Representative Katie Porter (D-Ca.)
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U.S. Representative Katie Porter (D-Ca.)
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U.S. Congressional Representative Katie Porter (D-Ca.)

Ticketmaster’s decision to quietly modify its stated policy on ticket refunds is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way — including U.S. Congresswoman Katie Porter.

Ticketmaster has now been put on blast by U.S. Congresswoman Katie Porter, thanks to an extremely unpopular decision to withhold refunds from ticket holders. The decision to refuse refunds while thousands of shows were rescheduled or postponed indefinitely has generated an outcry from fans, some of whom are left holding the bag on thousands of dollars worth of useless tickets.

“I applaud Ticketmaster for continuing to shine in what is apparently a competition to provide the worst customer service in any industry,” the California Democrat tweeted yesterday evening. “Exorbitant ticket fees for negligible benefits — now taking advantage of a crisis to line their pockets? Next level. ??????”

The tweet drew more than 1,000 responses and nearly 50,000 likes in less than 24 hours, with irate fans urging the Representative to punish the ticketing giant. “Sounds like a case for the House Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Financial Services,” one person responded. “Know anyone on that?”

Others quickly lumped Ticketmaster into a bucket with major airlines, who apparently also have a problem offering refunds on rescheduled flights. “It really takes work during this pandemic to make the airlines look good!” another noted. “But Ticketmaster has done it.”

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Earlier today, Ticketmaster issued a terse statement on the matter, clarifying that its policy had remained unchanged.

But screenshots prove otherwise: as COVID-19 started shutting down shows nationwide, the ticketing giant covertly eliminated refund offers for anything postponed or rescheduled.  In other words, if it’s not flat-out cancelled, ticket-buyers are stuck with the purchase.

Of course, none of this is good for Ticketmaster or Live Nation executives, a company now fighting to get through 2020 alive.  Just yesterday, Live Nation secured a $120 million emergency loan to weather the storm, with every last show on the schedule either canceled or rescheduled.  Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, who invested $1 million in depressed Live Nation stock to boost investor confidence, has temporarily given up his multi-million dollar salary.

The meltdown closely follows a U.S. Department of Justice investigation of Live Nation, which focused on the company’s wholly-owned Ticketmaster division.  Live Nation was accused of violating various consent decrees that accompanied the DOJ’s approval of Live Nation’s acquisition of Ticketmaster, which competitors alleged had been violated.  The investigation was wrapped-up in January, however, and critics slammed the DOJ for going easy on Live Nation and closing the case with few penalties.

5 Responses

  1. Thanksmom

    If you thank that’s bad… you should see how the musicians are treated!

  2. Vail, CO

    Sorry but we’ve got way bigger problems in America than getting refunded on your Eagles show. Not sayin’ it’s right, but…

    Actually Ticketmaster has way bigger problems. Ticketmaster wants to survive 2020, yes ladies and gentlemen they are in survival mode and could not really give a fuck about your refund, sorry.

    • Hindsight

      Live Nation had a no lose business model. They were given that power by both the industry and congress. The only way they were screwed is what is happening. There is no way that they have the $ in the bank to provide refunds. Since LN controls the bulk of shows, they arent going to cancel. LN-TM is doing what they can to survive. Stay tuned to the new normal

  3. ed dospoy

    instead of ticketmaster not giving money back, why dont they sponsor a day of prayer and fasting to let “GOD” see that we as a nation and the world need his forgiveness for all the countless times we as his creation have stuck our fingers in his eye,but he as a sovergn creator will not impose his desire to have all redeemed through the GREATEST ACT OF LOVE he could give, HIS PRESIOUS SON JESUS becoming sin for all of us and all we need to do is ASK forgiveness and ACCEPT this gift freely as no one can buy his or her way to heaven,people say they believe in JESUS but this alone will not get you to heaven, people forget that the devil and all his hordes believe that JESUS is the only sacrifice that can redeem the whole of mankind but they refuse to humble themselves and ask for the remission of sins by accepting JESUS AS LORD AND SAVIOR and the act of prayer and fasting for the usa and the world will cause GOD to see that we as a people need HIS forgiveness and as the healing of his people will truly begin as he sees us as humble and on knees crying for HIM to spare us and heal out land so ticket master can donate all the funds they acquired from not returning the monies they have gotten maybe thru ways that people will see as not honest,so ticket master follow me as i get on my knees to seek GOD and his FORGIVNESS and healing of the great USA and all peoples that do not choose to follow the DEVIL will be on our faces seeking the direction of GOD for PRESIDENT TRUMP and the only choice for 2020 and seeing the PRESIDENT on his knees praying for this land..