Move Over, Spotify – Apple Music Is Now Integrated on Samsung TVs

Apple Music Samsung TV
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Apple Music Samsung TV
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Photo Credit: David Švihovec

Apple Music is now available on Samsung smart TVs manufactured after 2018.

According to a Samsung announcement, people can now access their Apple Music accounts. The Apple Music app can be downloaded from the Samsung Smart TV app store. With the integration, Apple Music joins rival services Spotify and Tidal, both of whom already exist on Samsung Smart TVs.

The move showcases Apple’s commitment to branching out with Apple Music. The service’s Android app launched back in 2015 to rival Google’s YouTube Music. So far, the only App Store it hasn’t invaded is Amazon’s Android-flavored ecosystem. That’s probably unnecessary, though, since Apple Music features Alexa support baked in.

Apple Music is offering Samsung TV owners a three-month free trial. The service costs $9.99 a month, or $4.99 for students. Apple Music also offers a $14.99 family plan for up to six people. Apple’s chief rival – Spotify – is also expanding its presence in the TV space.

Case in point: Spotify gave its Android TV app a makeover this week. The redesigned Android TV app includes background images based on bands and albums. There’s also a new sidebar navigation feature for Home, Search, Library, and Account.

The Spotify Android TV app redesign brings it more closely in line with the mobile app.

The updated app is now available to download on the Google Play Store. Some Xiaomi Mi Box devices report having trouble with the new app, though.

It’s interesting to see Apple and Spotify renew their TV focus at the same time. Perhaps the world’s focus on video streaming has renewed interest in TV integrations. Many people have nice speakers and soundbars attached to their setup.

On-demand video streaming has increased 100% in the last month, while music streams remain stagnant. Most people listen to music while they’re working or driving – two things half of America isn’t doing right now. Either way, it’s nice to see smart TV interfaces getting more attention.