84% of Freelance Musicians Still Haven’t Received Government Relief

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(photo: Tom Pottiger)

The Freelancers Union has revealed that 84 percent of freelancers who’ve requested government aid amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are still waiting on payments.

The New York City-based non-profit organization published the statistic today – specifically to commemorate May Day. In the text, Freelancers Union execs emphasized that while the $2.2 trillion CARES Act contains coverage provisions for self-employed workers, most of these individuals have yet to receive compensation.

The Freelancers Union surveyed 2,767 of its members who’ve applied for government aid, and 84 percent of these persons indicated that unemployment assistance hadn’t reached their bank accounts.

Additionally, 66 percent of respondents said that they’d lost $5,000 or more in income during the novel coronavirus crisis, and a quarter of those who completed the survey stated that they spent a whopping 20 or more hours researching and applying for government-provided financial help.

Based upon these points, the Freelancers Union is calling on government officials to revamp their unemployment and aid programs to benefit freelance workers as quickly as possible.

During the last six weeks, approximately 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment assistance, and consequently, many states are struggling to process applications. On Monday, a frustrated Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear called out a Kentuckian who requested aid under the name Tupac Shakur, only to find that the application was submitted by a Lexington, Kentucky, cook who shares the same name as the all-time-great rapper.

The misunderstanding has since been resolved, but it underscores the high-pressure nature of states’ quests to distribute unemployment to eligible individuals.

With all crowd-based events put on ice for the foreseeable future, and most states’ and countries’ nonessential businesses (like recording studios) still closed, the music industry is being hit especially hard by the pandemic.

To make matters worse, quite a few emergency loans designated under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) are supporting massive companies as opposed to the local businesses they were intended to assist.

13 Responses

  1. Angelito

    IMHE predicted up to 1.7 MILLION deaths in the US. We now know it will be under 70,000, fewer than a typical flu season.

    43% of confirmed cases of CV in Italy has ZERO symptoms. Italy’s hospitals were full when this started, and that is Italy’s problem for being unprepared and socialist.

    This will turn out to be the biggest HOAX in history, all for political purposes to promote globalism And, 1099 and furloughed workers suffer while politicians unreasonably seize power. March in the streets and tell these socialists to go to hell.

    • Gordon

      We are already at 65,000 deaths. In another week we’ll be at 70,000. We’re definitely gonna pass 100,000.

      • Angelito

        Doubtful. Plus, the stats are admittedly padded and CV deaths are reported for anyone who may have it,

        A huge hoax. And, sheeple are falling for it.

        • Maynard

          You’re ridiculous. I’ve read your comments all over this site on other topics. You can’t help but spout off false information and ignorant assumptions. I think you just like attention. You’re a sad individual and everyone can see it. I pity you.

          • BAC


            Woodstock occurred in 1969 during a pandemic, the Hong Kong Flu.

            100,000 died in the US of it. This was when the US population was about 40% less than today.

            Nothing closed.

            Nobody freaked out. Not unless they got some bad acid.

            Why don’t more people question “authority” today?

            We already know that New York State has been falsifying COVID-19 deaths in order for hospitals to try to recoup lost money through Federal disaster declarations.

            We’ve known for a while that the CDC said it was OK to declare somebody as having died of COVID-19 without being tested.

            We know that the virus doesn’t last long in sunlight and warm weather, and yet we have tyrannical governors closing beaches and dictating stupid things that are irrelevant.

            I am happy to see American defying bogus “stay at home” orders and giving the finger to corporate box stores who try to force everybody to stand in line to be counted, 6 feet apart, and wear masks. It’s stupid and has zero basis in “science”. Even the World Health Organization says you only need to wear a mask if you’re working with COVID-19 patients or if you feel sick and have a cough.

        • Anonymous

          Ok Angelito, if you say so. But just in case you do get CV just drink some disinfectant and it will go away – Trump said so, don’t worry. lol

          • Fred Norris

            More fake news! Are you Jim Acosta?

          • Anonymous

            My bad, he didn’t say drink, he said inject. Why don’t you inject some disinfectant and let me know how that works out. lol

  2. french horns are for faggots

    You tell them! Everyone that doesn’t agree with thing should get together inside a huge, closed arena and chant about it at the top of their lungs for several hours.

    No masks or gloves are allowed at this event, because the whole thing is a gigantic hoax. That’ll solve it alrighty!

    • Anonymous

      I sure wish Trump would restart his rallies. And his supporters would gladly follow him into the arenas without masks. And maybe Trump could inject disinfectant in them on their way out. ha

  3. Maynard

    BAC, your example of the Hong Kong flu just validates the stay at home order.

    If there was less of a population and more people died, then the mortality percentage was higher. 40% fewer people in the US and 60% more deaths? You aren’t so good at math. So, not closing stores and events actually did contribute to the larger problem and deadlier outcome.

    The things you claim that “we know” are either already proven false or unproven assumptions. Sunlight, really? C’mon, stop watching Fox News and broaden your view a little.

    It is you and people like you who will make this last longer and continue to increase the death rate of people who are actually trying to stay safe.

      • Maynard

        You make a lot of assumptions. Just because I didn’t address everything doesn’t mean I do or don’t agree with an issue. As well, I didn’t blame you. What I did do was tell you that you were wrong. Look at the numbers again.

        Thanks for referencing an article from February 12th that was purely speculative, at best. Jeez – keep up, already. That is old news, and proven incorrect. Remember how this thing started in a few places that had warmer, sunnier climates and those cases didn’t diminish? C’mon, a little common sense here, please?

        “Bogus stay-at-home orders”, as you originally wrote? This is pure ignorance. When you do get sick by your poor decisions or inaction, don’t take the health care workers and ventilator from someone who actually paid attention and tried.

        Nobody is freaking out, except the protesters and conspiracy theorists who call this a hoax. For some reason there are those who can’t seem to keep it together for a month or two while we try to get things under control. Talk about snowflakes. Let the rest of us who remain calm, use intelligence and precaution to play it safe.