Spotify Combines Artist and Label Analytics Dashboards — New Interface Launches

Spotify analytics
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Spotify analytics
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify is combining its separate artist and label dashboards into one offering. Welcome to the new Spotify for Artists.

The new revamped Spotify analytics dashboard allows labels and distributors to access and manage artist profiles. The feature comes with a log of actions to document edits or changes to augment a team working on a profile. Now both artists and managers will have access to the same real-time data.

The new revamped Spotify for Artists gives labels and distributors access to its mobile apps.

Spotify introduced the changes on Friday, and says the update will be rolling out in the coming months. While Spotify analytics and Spotify for Artists shared much of the same data, they were focused in different directions.

“Over time, as we’ve listened to feedback and seen how people use Spotify Analytics, it’s been clear just how collaborative artists and their teams are in analyzing data and planning promotional strategies,” the Spotify blog post reads. “Now, with access to the same set of data and insights, and the ability to join in managing an artist’s presence across Spotify, we’re looking forward to fostering better collaboration between teams – especially for artists signed to a label.”

Now artists, managers, and labels can add multiple people to their teams. Any changes are kept in a log of actions taken across the whole team.

Every team member has their own activity page, too. Spotify for Artists users will continue to see data and insights, while labels will see data for recordings to which they own the rights. The new feature will allow both artists and label teams to make changes to an artist’s profile.

That includes actions like updating a bio or sharing a playlist through Artist Pick. Spotify doesn’t give a solid timeline when the Spotify Analytics transition will be complete but says labels should expect an email soon.