EaseUS Wants to Help Artists and Producers Recover Lost Music Files

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Few things are more frustrating than losing a file because of an accidental delete, a virus, or a hardware malfunction — especially for artists in the middle of complex recording projects. EaseUS, a company focused on data recovery, is aiming to solve that problem with a tool capable of retrieving seemingly inaccessible digital assets.

The following article is sponsored by EaseUS Software, a proud partner of Digital Music News.  All DMN readers will get a special discount on EaseUS’ recovery solutions (see below).

Founded in 2004, EaseUS says it has helped approximately 530 million individuals back up and retrieve their files, with the latter users enjoying an impressive 99.7 percent recovery rate. The group includes musicians and producers, both of whom have a lot of creative capital to lose if something goes wrong.

Indeed, in today’s tech-driven professional landscape, artists and music industry professionals cannot afford (sometimes quite literally) to see their hard work’s core files disappear. EaseUS is now aiming to eliminate that nightmare scenario.

EaseUS focuses on helping artists and creators regain access to the files that matter most.

PC and Mac users alike, as well as those who utilize iOS and Android products, can quickly and easily retrieve just about any file – whether it was inadvertently deleted, compromised by malware, or lost due to hardware failure – using EaseUS’s data recovery software.

The program’s 40 MB set-up file takes seconds to download and will proceed to deep-scan entire hard drives, including those that have been formatted, in a matter of hours. Audio recordings (MP3, M4A, WAV, and essentially all other variations), videos, graphics, and documents are among the resource’s recoverable files types.

As an added, time-saving bonus, EaseUS enables users to select and download individual lost files as recovery scans are being completed. Though the scanning process requires only hours, once again, those who know exactly which digital asset they want – an ultra-important song rendition, for instance – have the option of downloading it at once.

It’s not easy to put a positive spin on displaced files and the many headaches they cause, but with hard drive recovery options like those offered by EaseUS, artists and music industry employees have a chance to minimize their losses and their digital asset-related troubles.

In a bid to spread its solution, EaseUS is offering its recovery software for the universally affordable cost of free. 

The company’s free-version file retrieval program allows users to recover and re-download up to 2 GB in data – which is enough for multiple hours’ worth of high-quality audio.

That freemium entry then moves into a paid version.  Specifically, a year of EaseUS’s professional data retrieval software costs $69.95 per month and offers unlimited recovered-file downloads.  There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is nice.  Basically, if EaseUS can’t retrieve your files within this period, you’ll receive a full refund.  That won’t solve the problem of a completely irretrievable set of files, but at least it doesn’t add a paid insult to the injury.

As industry veterans can vouch for, unexpected setbacks are all too common in music.  EaseUS is pitching a form of file insurance — one that could help artists expediently regain their digital assets and refocus on their work.

EaseUS is offering DMN readers a monthly discount plus 50% off of the first month — for both Windows and Mac users.