Nashville Live Music Is Now Reopening — Let’s See How This Goes

Nashville Live Music

Photo Credit: Hari Nandakumar

Mayor John Cooper says his city will start ‘Phase 2’ of reopening on May 25th — with Nashville live music returning.

“This Monday, May 25th, we will move on to Phase 2 of reopening Nashville,” a statement from the mayor’s office says. “All public health metrics have shown satisfactory results.” Nashville’s Phase 2 reopening plan says restaurants and retailers can open at 75% of capacity. They must still enforce social distancing.

The Nashville live music scene can also return under this phase, with limited provisions.

Restaurants and bars can host live performers, but no more than two on stage at a time. Restaurants and bars must also observe a distance of ten feet between performers and customers. So far, no dance floors are allowed to reopen. Equipment like microphones must be sanitized after each performance. Also, a part of Phase 2 is allowing gatherings of 25 or fewer people – including parties, weddings, and meetings.

The Metro Public Health Department in Nashville recently confirmed 26 new cases of COVID-19 in Davidson County. That increases the county’s total number of cases to 4,530. The death toll for the county is 51. The real test of whether Phase 2 is possible is whether or not we see an increase of cases over the next two weeks.

The COVID-19 incubation period is around two weeks, which is when many states began reopening.

Texas started reopening last week, and researchers are expecting to see a massive spike in COVID-19 cases in Houston. A new model predicts cases may grow in Harris County, Texas, from 200 new cases a day to 2,000 by June 1st.

“Some areas – particularly in the South – that have moved more quickly to reopen are showing a higher risk for resurgence,” researchers say in a new blog post. “If people in Houston and Palm Beach aren’t being cautious with masking in crowded indoor locations, local governments may need to intervene again.”

Nashville Live Music

15 Responses

  1. Al Jolson

    Nashville was hopelessly bankrupt before the covid hoax due to wild spending by democrats. Now, the leftist mayor (John Cooper) wants to increase property taxes by 33% to pay the bill and cover the expense of his unlawful martial law. It is no surprise that millionaire Cooper and his government pals never missed a government paycheck while gleefully shutting down private business.

    It is true-Democrat’s are dangerous and are willing to destroy the rule of law to keep power.

    • Doug

      100,000 people dead and it’s a hoax? You’re a mess.

      • Al Jolson

        100,000? You must work for the CDC. More like 60,000 when you remove the fraudulent data.

        This has always been about politics and hurting Donald Trump. Liberals are willing to destroy the US economy to gain power. They are dangerous and must be stopped.

        • Doug

          Even 60000 isn’t enough to not call this a hoax?

          The fact that you want to make this political makes zero sense. It’s never been that and you know it. If you don’t, then you are one of those sheeple, following your illustrious leader who can do no wrong.

          • Angelito

            Why didn’t you do cheetah flips and shut down the world every winter when the flu claims at least that number?

            The virus is real—just like every year—but the reaction was hysterical and political. Government tyrants imposed martial law and literally killed people.

      • Angelito

        Even Gov. Cuomo admits all models were wildly inaccurate. This is probably to deflect attention that he imposed death sentences by forcing COVID patients into nursing homes.

        We now also know the COVID data reporting was purposefully inflated, probably for political purposes.

        I do not care whether someone votes for Trump, but I wish America would be honest with itself and admit the COVID reaction was an absolute disaster that harmed far more than it saved.

        • Doug

          The data was also repressed by some states to make things seem better than they were and re-open (Georgia, Florida, for example). Say what you will, but you really have no idea if the reaction to this virus was an over-reaction or substantiated and saved even more lives. The sagging economy will rebound in time. People will get jobs back. Those who died will not come back. That’s final.

          • Angelito

            Nobody is sick in states that have reopened. Your fearporn advocates said we would slide back into death and devastation by reopeneing. Once again, a completely wrong prediction, yet you and the people in it for politics pitch it nonstop.

            DIsgusting. You must receive a government paycheck and have felt no pain.

  2. Doug

    Nobody is sick in states that have reopened. Keep telling yourself that. You must be a very sad person to believe the things you do. I wonder what life events must have happened to make you who you are. I, despite your incorrect assumptions, am a lifelong Republican, dedicated American, and someone who continues to work and add to our economy. I’m sorry you cannot deal with facts. It’s tough, I’m sure.

    • Angelito

      I believe in objective data. You believe whatever leftist politicians tell you to believe.

      • Doug

        And that’s where you entire argument tanks. By telling others what they believe, you look like follower. What I believe are facts, real numbers and reports from objective sources. I look at all news sources – left, right and center. To again disprove your idiocy, look at Fox News and see they are reporting a trend in increased numbers in southern states after re-opening. Just out of curiosity, where do you get your “objective data”?

  3. Angelito

    The same “experts” upon whom you rely are preaching the same doom-n-gloom they originally wrongfully projected. Why would you ever trust a model from a known Trump-hater who overshot the number of cases and deaths by 3000%?

    Oh—I forgot—you want the unconstitutional martial law to continue because it fits your political desires. Meanwhile, people die and their lives are financially destroyed while you play politics.

    You ARE the enemy, not CV.

    • Al Jolson

      You make assumptions and false statements over and over, but it doesn’t start to make them true. Try to keep up. Your arguments are lacking severely.

      • Al Jolson

        Keep it up, Hitler, and you will see how middle America accepts your new Marxist tyranny.

        • Angelito

          Yeah. keep it up, Al. You and everyone like you will die soon, so we won’t have to worry about it.