More Than 20% of Canadian Music Fans Say They’ll Never Attend a Concert Again

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Photo Credit: Alex Shutin

In a recent survey that asked Canadians about their opinions of returning to concerts and music festivals once social distancing measures are lifted, over 20 percent of respondents indicated that they will “probably never” feel comfortable attending festivals, large concerts, or small-venue performances.

Music Canada enlisted Ottawa’s Abacus Data to investigate Canadian music fans’ overall stance on enjoying live music in bars and restaurants, as well as at concerts and festivals, once again.

21 percent of survey participants relayed that they will “probably never” feel comfortable returning to concerts at small venues, even after social-distancing guidelines are safely done away with.

Some 41 percent of respondents signaled that it will take them six or more months to comfortably return to small performances, 23 percent said the process will take three or so months, and just 14 percent stated that they’re ready to enjoy live entertainment in intimate venues presently.

Predictably, large-venue concerts (and their comparatively sizable audiences) didn’t fare as well in the study.

26 percent of participants replied that they will probably never feel comfortable attending, and only 11 percent said they’re prepared to do so now. These figures were nearly identical to those of music festivals.

And tellingly, 50 percent of those who responded said that they will probably never feel comfortable attending a concert in the United States.

The survey’s findings didn’t paint a completely negative picture of live music’s future, however.

Abacus isolated data from self-proclaimed “live music lovers,” the vast majority of whom plan to attend concerts and music festivals at some point down the line. Just three percent of Canadian music fans said that they’ll probably never enjoy a small-venue concert again, compared to seven percent for large venues and music festivals.

Lastly, 70 percent of participants who’ve watched a concert livestream amid the coronavirus pandemic felt satisfied with the overall experience. That said, 79 percent of these persons were also of the opinion that digital concerts “cannot replace the real thing.”

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    What a non-story. Concerts aren’t going anywhere after everything opens up again. You guys seem to be pushing for livestreaming. It’s not a substitute, just a temporary alternative

    • Barry

      Pushing or not for livestreaming, it doesn’t change the fact that there will be many people who won’t go back to a live event with lots of people in it…ever. That’s a fact.

      • Benny

        That’s speculation, not a fact. Also worth noting that the sample size isn’t given. This story is nothing but a click beg.

        • Barry

          No, Benny, it is fact. There are some people who will not be attending live events any longer. Why isn’t this speculation? Because I know several people who said they won’t. What you’re saying is 100% of people will be returning, and that isn’t even a possibility.

  2. Frank Thring

    Live streaming from the artists palatial lounge rooms has no real interest to me.. it’s boring and lacks atmosphere.. I don’t think many people will do pay for views.. Live concerts are about atmosphere and being with a pack of people all digging the same thing… It’s about bands/artists travelling to your city and bring their show to your town… The internet is great but it doesn’t replace that.

  3. Patryk

    They study showed they would not feel “comfortable” going to a concert after restrictions we’re lifted. That’s a far cry from “will never attend again”. I don’t feel comfortable going to the dentist, but that doesn’t mean I wanna look like Gollum.