Ahmaud Arbery’s Lawyer Needed a Ride to Court — Jay-Z Offered His Private Jet

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Rapper Jay-Z recently lent his private jet to Ahmaud Arbery’s lawyers, who needed to attend a hearing in Georgia but were (seemingly) without a means of traveling to the courthouse.

On Instagram, federal civil rights attorney and Merritt Law Firm lawyer Blerim Elmazi provided an account of the stylish ride arranged by Jay-Z.

According to Elmazi, he and Merritt Law Firm founder S. Lee Merritt required a last-minute lift to a Brunswick, Georgia, court hearing because they were unable to find any flights or car services capable of transporting them there.

After an extensive search into the early hours of the morning, the duo’s hope began to run out — and that’s about when they received a call from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, according to the Instagram message.

Jay-Z and his team members proceeded to charter a private jet for Merritt and Elmazi, who posted pictures from inside the vessel and, predictably, made it to the hearing on time.

And during this hearing, Judge Wallace Harrell ruled that the case against the three men involved in the death of Ahmaud Arbery — George McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Bryan, the latter of whom recorded the tragedy — can proceed.

All are facing murder charges for their part in the fatal episode, which occurred on February 23rd. (Footage captured by William Bryan didn’t leak to the media until sometime after the fact.)

Earlier this week, Jay-Z made headlines for purchasing full-page advertisements in newspapers across America. The all-text message consisted of an excerpt from a speech delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. and was designed to protest the death of George Floyd.

A longtime activist, Jay-Z also recently partnered with Rihanna and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to donate $6.2 million worth of COVID-19 grants in April. Subsequently, though, the Brooklyn native came under fire for furloughing many of his employees.