Sony Music Donates $100 Million to Racial Justice Causes

Sony Music Unveils Joint Venture With Two Podcast Veterans
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In the wake of nationwide protests and chaos, Sony Music Group has established a $100 million social justice fund.

Sony Music Group (encompassing both Sony Music Entertainment and Sony/ATV Music Publishing) announced the substantial fund in a press release, which was shared with Digital Music News.

And per this press release, Sony Music will immediately begin using the $100 million fund “to donate to organizations that foster equal rights.” However, the non-profit organizations set to benefit from the initial round of aid weren’t disclosed.

Addressing the newly founded fund, Sony Music CEO Rob Stringer said: “Racial injustice is a global issue that affects our artists, songwriters, our people and of course society at large. We stand against discrimination everywhere and we will take action accordingly with our community fully involved in effectively using these funds.”

On Tuesday, Sony Music, along with its Big Three record label counterparts, participated in “Black Out Tuesday,” a protest initiative designed to raise awareness of violence against African Americans. Though the music industry conceived and planned Black Out Tuesday, an array of non-music individuals and groups too partook in the movement.

Yesterday, we were first to report that Universal Music Group (UMG) had equipped its own social justice task force, dubbed “The Task Force for Meaningful Change,” with a $25 million “Change Fund.” The latter, like that of Sony Music, will assist social justice charities whose missions align with the task force’s long-term objectives.

The final Big Three record label, Warner Music Group, has partnered with the Blavatnik Family Foundation (the charitable wing of billionaire Leonard Blavatnik, who owns WMG’s parent company Access Industries) to form a different $100 million social justice fund yet. An advisory panel is expected to determine which groups and causes the capital will be directed towards.

Black Out Tuesday’s organizers indicated recently that they are planning additional protest initiatives.

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  1. restless94110

    We’ve had racial ((and sexual) justice in America for at least 40 years if not longer. How about taking that money and donating it to businesses that have been destroyed by looters? Who is running this company? Why not do something good for some people who need real help for a change? This is just stupid virtue signalling.

    • Jerry

      We’ve had justice for all since when? Your comments come from someone who doesn’t get it as you’ve not experienced injustice probably. You live in a parallel universe – bizarro world.

    • Al Jolson

      Amen. Every pathetic spineless business is jumping on the mob’s bandwagon instead of condemning lawless looting and rioting.

      All over a career criminal who was high on fentanyl and pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach.

    • 9

      Black populations have had money and preference and coddling poured over them for decades. It doesn’t work.

      The race narrative is Leftist falsehood.

      The statics contradict BLM–white cops on black, minuscule numbers and declining too. BLM are purified idiots, a hate group, ant-Semites. just white-grudge.

      They are just race baiters and anti-whites. Period.

      Defund the police? As if. Good luck with that. That is how deeply dumb these people are.

      Buzz words: Privilege, white supernumerary, ally, systemic racism. Doesn’t exist.

      • Ms. Irts

        Wow, you couldn’t be more wrong about so many point in one comment. Do some research next time before posting such ignorance.

        Look up these topics when you educate yourself:

        Generational wealth, prevention of land ownership and education: how blacks were held back and how that affects current generations.
        Defund the police; what does it actually mean?
        White privilege: what is it?

  2. Joe Biden

    The world would be a much better place without blacks

    • Isham

      OMG, you had me fooled for a second. I thought that was really Joe Biden commenting on DMN!

      You’re a food, Al Jolson, Angelito or whatever your other names are.

      You’re a little chicken shit and wouldn’t talk this way in person to anyone. Guaranteed.

  3. 9

    That’s what is really going on. Blacks are being baited to react to create mass black resentment. Be very concerned for blacks; they are being manipulated with leftist group think. They are in danger. What do you think is going to happen to innocent blacks in un-policed enclaves being that Democrats took their protection away because of so-called racist police institution?.

    Not only are police not bad. They are actually some of the only people that do care.

    • Kiko

      You have an opinion, but it’s misinformed as you haven’t done research and really just don’t get it.

  4. Ollie

    You’re missing the point. It isn’t about who George was, but the fact that he represented an inequality in the way certain people are treated compared to others. So, stop skewing the message.

    And, FYI – everyone is condemning the criminal activity of the few that use peaceful protests as a way to piggyback for opportunity.