TikTok Users Are Trolling Trump’s Upcoming Tulsa Rally With Fake Ticket Requests

TikTok users troll Trump
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TikTok users troll Trump
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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / CC by 2.0

TikTok users are trolling Trump’s upcoming Tulsa rally by registering for tickets they don’t plan to use.

Donald Trump says almost one million people have requested tickets to attend the free event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The auditorium where the rally will be held has approximately 19,000 seats. TikTok users say they’re registering to take tickets and create an empty event by flooding the system. But will the plan work?

“Those of us that want to see this auditorium barely filled or completely empty — go reserve tickets now and leave him standing alone there on the stage,” TikTok user Mary Jo Laupp told her roughly 1,000 followers (see below).  Laupp, a former Pete Buttigieg staffer, is leading the charge on TikTok to troll Trump’s comeback rally.

Mary Jo Laupp says the move came as a response to Trump scheduling the rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. Laupp called that a ‘slap in the face to the black community,’ while also noting that Tulsa is one of the sites of the worst racial violence in United States history.

She asked followers to Google both ‘Juneteenth’ and ‘Black Wall Street,’ which refers to the burgeoning black financial community that once existed in Tulsa.

@maryjolauppDid you know you can make sure there are empty seats at Trump’s rally? ##BLM.♬ original sound – maryjolaupp

TikTok users are also asking K-pop fans to join their crusade. K-pop fans are a well-known force on social media. After BTS announced a $1 million donation to #BLM activists, the BTS Army matched it 24 hours later. K-pop fans also took over the #WhiteLivesMatter hashtag to drown out racist comments on Twitter and Instagram.

The backlash Trump’s campaign received for hosting the rally on June 19th eventually forced them to push it to Saturday, June 20th. Trump said he was initially unaware of the Juneteenth holiday, as were many Americans, though BLM activists are now pushing to declare the date a national holiday.

Beyond the Juneteenth controversy, many people are also concerned about the spread of coronavirus from massive public events like political rallies, which are considered ‘super-spreaders’ of the virus.  That includes Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has publicly opposed the rally given the likelihood that it will increase new coronavirus contractions. Oklahoma itself is still in the early stages of re-opening, with social distancing guidelines in place.

Accordingly, organizers of the Tulsa rally have asked attendees to sign a waiver saying that they won’t sue the campaign if they get COVID-19.  But a large number of Trump supporters will readily sign the waivers — and ditch the masks entirely.  Heading into the weekend, a number of Trump supporters were uploading clips of themselves burning masks — while questioning why Dr. Fauci doesn’t seem concerned about COVID-19 issues during nationwide BLM protests.

As for leaving the seats empty, Trump’s campaign believes the stunt will backfire. But they’re taking things further by retaliating against the trolls.  “They think if they sign up for tickets that will leave empty seats,” a campaign staffer told CNN.

“Not the case at all. Always way more ticket requests than seats available at a rally. All they are doing is giving us access to their contact information.”

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  1. Jonah

    He’s so popular and what an overachiever. He’s done everything and more to really screw up the country. Nice job, Mr. Donald J Trump!

    • Winston C.

      Trump is one of the greatest Presidents ever considering the crimes democrats committed against him during his campaign and during his presidency. You should be ashamed, but I am sure you enjoy destroying the Rule of Law.

      You are the enemy, not Trump.

        • Winston C.

          Winning. Watch the tens of thousands who show up at EVERY Trump rally despite nasty and unconstitutional acts by democrats.

          Liberals ARE the enemy. Democrats ARE liberals. Do the math, sweetie.

          • Larry

            Every point you try to make, under whatever name you comment, is a complete fail. Yeah,winning, whatever. You’re a loser.

          • 46!=45

            Couldn’t even fill an stadium that holds less than 20,000 tonight. How’s that for “tens of thousands”? “Do the math, sweetie.”

          • Hal da man

            Right. And isn’t funny that all the women who are against Trump are fat and Ugly, or look like men (see pics of the articles author!), and men who are against look like frail, weak women!

      • cjspark

        And you are a lying sack of shite.
        Trump was impeached, he was not exonerated, he was guilty. He sold out this country to Russia for his own interests. And China. And Turkey. Only traitors support him now–and racist losers.

        • Jill

          Your words have NO facts behind them. I hope you research the facts, and are able to separate the attempted coup actors’ words in public vs their testimony under oath before Congress. The lied to public, but told different story when they were under oath. Evil will be overcome in the end. But we will suffer while Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, etc. have money and influence.

      • Anonymous

        Wafj Trump Dump and his rep buddies going to be finding new jobs in November.. They are killing our fellow Americans at close to 1000 a day…Its so funny he thinks that the pandemic is over.. Only thing over is him and his ass kissing rep buddies… Have u been in a box for the last 4 months, have u not seen Trump Dump on TV.. His empty rally tonight says it all….

      • Beeper

        You are not “one” of the biggest brainwashed morons ever, you are THE biggest brainwashed moron ever. How can you be so damned stupid in this age of technology where resources to find truth are plentiful? Open your mind and give your brain a chance to find and accept facts. Have you taken your Clorox drink yet? Idiot!

    • charles

      Whereas pedophiles in the white house would have been so much better.

      • seriously the fuck is wrong with you

        how do you guys constantly yell fake news, while at the same time subscribing to the most batshit conspiracies imaginable. Stop huffing paint and develop some basic critical thinking skills.

        • Trump Dump is out in Nov lol

          Lmfao fake news have u not seen Trump Dump on TV hes a damn joke for a leader…

    • Independent1

      Get educated . The dumocraps are what is screwing this country up.

      • Trump Dump finding a new place to live in Nov...

        Lmfao wake the hell up where u been the last 4 months.. Trump Dump doing sooo good he cant even get 19000 Americans to come see his joker ass..

  2. Ashley King

    Aren’t you the same type of person who says BTS must not be popular despite millions of people loving them? Yet here you are claiming Trump’s populist demagoguery is exactly what makes him special. Almost like those two opinions couldn’t hold water in a rational mind. Ah well.

    • Winston C.

      Not me—I never said BTS was unpopular. I do not know who they are, truthfully.

      My point is this: the left has viciously and unlawfully attacked Trump from the git-go. I did not vote for the guy. But, I believe in the Rule of Law and the US Constitution, and what the left has done to him (and Kavanaugh, etc.) is disgusting and an attempt to overthrow a duly-elected president.

      Don’t like Trump? Fine. Win at the ballot box like our Consitution is designed. Do not unlawfully spy, conduct absolutely bogus Russia investigation, or impeach for no reason. It is DEMOCRATS who want to split this country, not Trump.

      • Ellen Cleghorn

        Your comment confirms that you might need a jacket that ties in the back. You have no point. If you are for the rule of law, then you wouldn’t back Trump as he has consistently shown that he views the Constitution as a meaningless piece of paper as he goes against the rule of law. Facts are not your thing, apparently, when you have an agenda. It’s never a broad picture view with you. It’s consistently a political party struggle as opposed to a ‘what’s good for the country’ approach. Unlawfully is a word associated with many things that Trump has either done or attempted to do. If you don’t see that, it’s because you don’t want to.

        • Winston C.

          Name single crime or unconstitutional act by Trump. Go ahead…tell me the exact act instead of continually spouting he is orange man bad.

          Millions of taxpayer dollars on inquiries and impeachments, and you still have nothing. But, your insane hatred of Trump will never stop and you keep saying the same thing with no evidence.

          • SD

            Trump won the election fair & square. Whether you love him, hate him, or in between, he won the 2016 presidential election according to the rules of elections started in the 1700s.

            Why did he win?

            One reason is Americans were feeling alienated by Democrats who were ignoring their needs. Even worse Democrats thought incorrectly they didn’t need the very people that defeated them. They put up a crap candidate (Clinton) thinking they had it in the bag (they didn’t, also they are doing the exact same thing with Biden).

            Democrats cannot get over this loss and they cannot believe the reality. But they lost instead of the Republicans winning so maybe they should look at themselves and fix the problems.

            What did the New England Patriots do when they lost the Super Bowl? Did they ransack the opposition locker room or try to get the NFL invalidate the results even though they lost according to the Rules of the NFL? No, they went back to their training camp, figured out the problems, made changes, prepared harder, played a great season and won the next Super Bowl.

            Democrats need to learn a few lessons here.

          • Denny

            Honestly, the hardest part about responding to a post like this is NARROWING the list down.

            His repeated attacks on journalists and his (especially recently) threats on ending peaceful protests are clearly unconstitutional. (Freedom of the press, freedom of assembly.)

            To stick with unconstitutional acts, he stole money from the defense department in order to build his wall – even though it not only WASN’T appropriated for that purpose (and Congress controls the purse, per the Constitution) but it was VERY SPECIFICALLY not appropriated for that purpose.

            His attempt to extort Ukraine in order for them to manufacture dirt on Biden is obviously the biggest one. He became the first President in history to have a BIPARTISAN vote for his removal from office over it.

            The second most obvious were the 10 instances of obstruction of justice he committed as outlined by the Mueller Report (which specifically states that he WAS NOT exonerated, despite his lies to the contrary). There is also the instance of probable perjury, where Trump claimed one thing under oath while one of his campaign aides claimed the exact opposite under oath. (And, given the conviction of that aide PLUS Roger Stone, whom the disagreement was about, it’s fairly obvious who lied).

            He has repeatedly used his power and personal vendettas to interfere in the free market — threatening companies like Amazon and CNN with unjustified, retaliatory actions because they say mean things about him (or, in Amazon’s case, own a company that says mean things about him).

            In terms of corruption, Trump easily overtakes Reagan as the most obviously corrupt President in modern history. Between flooding every agency with lobbyists holding direct conflicts of interest, to forcing the government to spend inordinate amounts of money at his own properties, pitching his own properties for high profile summits, to having the Saudis bail out own of his dwindling properties, etc, etc, etc.

            There are the multiple instances of fraud he’s been FOUND GUILTY of – even while President. Trump University being and the Trump foundation stealing charity money come to mind as the most obvious. Not to mention repeatedly stiffing contractors he hires for various jobs by threatening them with massive, drawn out legal battles. (But he’s just an average Joe like you and me! “I love the little guy” says the big-city real estate mogul, that’s never worked a day in his life and inherited everything he has, from atop his Golden Tower in one of the most expensive, liberal areas of the country.)

            His illegal use of campaign funds as hush money to a pornstar he slept with (once he’s out of office, I suspect the SDNY will proceed with charges against “Individual-1” here).

            Obvious tax evasion — literally TOO many examples to go into here.

            I’m sure there is enough wiggle room to avoid “criminal” implications, but his repeated incitement of violence is contemptible.

            In terms of corruption, again, the blatant nepotism of Jared and Ivanka being given titles and clearances FAR beyond any kind of qualifications they actually hold.

            His rapid ascent to 20,000 lies, so far, while not illegal is also contemptible.

            Of course, you have to throw in his multiple rape allegations (including with minors) and dozens of sexual assault allegations. Especially when you consider that he’s on tape both BRAGGING about how easy it is to sexually assault women when you’re famous and how he was able to walk in on naked underage girls during pageants.

            He launched airstrikes against Syria without Congressional approval, which is of course illegal but given how insanely warped the US these past twenty years have come to view President’s war powers obviously never became an issue.

            All of this ignores his blatant failures in terms of Hurricane responses (abandoning Puerto Rico), coronavirus – arguably the worst public response to a crisis in history, and now the protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

            Also, his spineless cowering to Putin is not illegal or unconstitutional, but alarming and embarrassing.

        • DNCslayer

          What a crock you leftist conjure to justify underhanded tactics. You have zero argument against winston c’s comments. Typical liberal horse$h!te. On a side note, I love the fact that your hypocrisy is going to cost you the next 2 elections. You are destroying the black community with pity and accountability, at the same time damning the police. You have made so many enemies that I doubt we will see another lunatic liberal hold WH office until well after 2030. The best part is you idiots will simply pour it on thicker as the months and years go by. Now you take care, Simpleton.

      • Jill

        You’re right on!! The evil players in our gov have lied, cheated, criminally spied and tried to take down an elected president of the USA. If they are not brought to justice, the left will lose their free speech and will be prisoners of the elite also. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are a precious protection. If the left and SCOTUS keep tearing them down, they will be surprised at their gagged and regimented life.

  3. noneyadamnbusiness

    I really could care less if they have my contact information, as they say in the last paragraph of the article. What could they possibly do to me or anyone else? The tickets are free, he is hosting a damn rally during a pandemic.. (oh sure sure it is coming to an end blah blah.. but still there are people infected and it will lead to more infection). Let Trump’s people spam me and try to contact me over and over to try to get my vote or something equally trite, I have something that will make them sorry that they ever called me.. a dog whistle to the ear.

    • Dr. Fauccibreath

      I am sure you supported the BLM “protests” where thousands gathered to riot, loot, assault police, and burn down cities. Fucking hypocrite.

      BTW, the entire CV scamdemic was a giant hoax to bring down Trump. Killed no more than the seasonal flu, the numbers were grossly overinflated, and it was nothing but a political scam.

      • Jed Stuart

        That may be the most mindless, robot echo I have ever heard.

    • Hippios

      Couldn’t care less*

      The education system here is a joke.

      Also, how come I didn’t see your passionate criticism during the stupid BLM protests and thuggery? I didn’t know that Covid19 is selective in it’s victims.

  4. Ann butka

    Just come to the hospitals! No hyperinflation of cases!20 yr old with covid just had very first double ing transplant! Just hoping now she doesn’t start to reject organs!

  5. Hippios

    Ever noticed that these mob antics always come from the left? Even independents and traditional liberals have distanced themselves from the radical democrats as a result. You are essentially digging your own grave

  6. Joe Mama

    It’s a crime to charge him for his crimes? That’s so twisted.

  7. Denny

    “They think if they sign up for tickets that will leave empty seats. Not the case at all.”

    I actually kind of agree … but given that Trump just held the rally and it was ~half full and they had to abandon the “overflow” speech because there was zero overflow means you have to find some other scapegoat. Somehow, it looks like Trump and his campaign are now arguing that “antifa” are responsible for intimidating his supporters into staying home. (Despite Trump claiming how incredibly tough and violent his supporters can be during this rally, weirdly.)

  8. LibTearz

    Red wave in November. The Democrat party will be reduced to a municipal party again and maybe this time for good.

  9. JohnAdams

    This cunt needs to be charged with voter fraud. Someone needs to shoot her.

    • shitposter

      orrrrr they should have shot Trump in the beginning for all of his fraudulent acts but I digress.

  10. Connie Hurley

    Good work wouldn’t wanted to Been on that plane ride home ??

  11. HawnPinapplPicka

    2020 is a wash. One positive will be when Chump gets voted OUT! ??