5 Unique Ways to Add Animation Into Your Next Music Video

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Photo: panuwat

You know that adding some form of animation is one of the best ways to make your music video stand out, but how should you use animation?

Where do you start?

We have a great starter guide to help your video climb the charts! Read on to find out five unique ways you can use animation in your next music video!

1. Animated Lyrics Video

One easy but effective way to add animation to a music video is to have animated lyrics appear on screen over the video. This adds a pop of color, style, and flair while also having the lyrics available for your audience on screen. Animated lyrics can also be pretty easy to make depending on the style!

2. Animated Lines and Effects

You can also add colorful lines or scribble effects on top of a video to make it stand out. Having lines of color that pulse with the beat of the music over a grayscale video can amplify the effect of the music. Plus, people are more likely to pay attention when there is a color contrast!

Animated filters and other digital effects can create duplicates, blurs, holograms, shadows, and all kinds of other neat effects for your music video. Be creative and experiment with the effects to make something memorable.

3. 2D Animated Music Video

If you’re feeling more daring, you can use 2D animation to make all or part of a music video! One awesome example is Dua Lipa’s “Hallucinate.” Her video uses old-cartoon style and trippy animation techniques to make the music video really unique.

2D animation can also help your music video tell a story, like in The Killers’ “Miss Atomic Bomb.” For this video, only parts of it are animated, adding to the dream-like quality of the memory in the song.

Using 2D animation allows for more freedom than what you could do with a live-action video. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity!

4. 3D Animated Music Video

3D animated music videos can be harder to make, but the effects can be stunning. You can animate anything you can imagine, and absolutely break reality and all physics in the process for a psychedelic, trippy effect.

Or, you can make realistic but impossible scenarios using 3D animated graphics. This can be hard if you’re not a professional, but there are 3D animation studios out there that can help with your video production!

5. Stop-Motion and Rotoscoping

Stop-motion is a style of animation that uses real objects such as clay or paper and puts a sequence of individual pictures together to create an illusion of motion. Mixed media stop-motion animation works well for lyrics videos, and all you need to make it is paper, markers, and a camera.

Rotoscoping is similar to stop motion, but instead, you draw over a live-action film reel, using the film as a template for the animation. One famous example of this is “Take On Me” by a-ha.

Stop-motion and rotoscoping can be time-consuming, but they offer ways to blend reality and fiction to give your video a truly unique feel.

Make Your Videos Pop With Animation

Be sure to try out one of these styles of animation when you make your next music video! Chances are, your listeners will love it, and it will add a unique element to the video to make yours stand out from all the rest.

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