What Coronavirus Restrictions? ‘Herd Immunity’ Rock Festival Kicks Off July 16th

Ultra Abu Dhabi coronavirus
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Ultra Abu Dhabi coronavirus
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Though the vast majority of promoters are continuing to abstain from organizing traditional concerts amid the COVID-19 pandemic, July Mini Fest, a three-day rock festival previously marketed as “Herd Immunity,” is preparing to welcome a live crowd.

July Mini Fest will take place between Thursday, July 16th and Saturday, July 18th, from Ringle, Wisconsin’s Q and Z Expo Center.

Dope, Static-X, and AC/DC tribute band Thunderstruck are among the groups that Q and Z has booked to perform the festival, which will wrap at ten o’clock nightly. Only three-day passes (not single-day tickets) are available for purchase, costing $105.50 apiece.

The 15-act music festival was formerly promoted under the “Herd Immunity” banner, once again,  but following some outrage among fans and one of the headlining acts, the Q and Z Expo Center stated on social media that “the name [sic] no longer tied to any of our social media or promotion.”

To be sure, Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based rock band Nonpoint, which was to perform until eight o’clock on the festival’s final evening, bowed out due to the Mini Fest’s one-time “Herd Immunity” label.

“Hey brother. Nonpoint is not playing because of the way the festival is named. We have dropped off,” wrote the group.

Nonpoint published the latter message before Q and Z unveiled the festival’s name change, and it’s accordingly unclear whether the parties will come to a new agreement.

More broadly, it appears that the organizers adopted the “Herd Immunity” component of the three-day event’s name for marketing purposes — and quite possibly as a joke. The July Mini Fest will be held outdoors, and attendance will be limited to 2,500 despite the space’s 10,000-person capacity, “to allow everyone to keep social distance.”

Elsewhere, Live Nation has tested socially distanced indoor concerts in Auckland, New Zealand, and based upon the success of these pioneering shows, additional performances are in the works.

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  1. restless94110

    Finally, musicians are starting to stand up for what’s right.

    • Burt

      Herd immunity. You don’t even know what that means. STFU asshole.

    • Angelito

      Resist. Not Trump, but these fascist leftist politicians who are shutting down economies for political purposes.


      • Kelli

        Or the extremist right wing nutjob groups like the Boogaloos. Yeah!

  2. Dr. Faucibreath

    Amen! This CV response is a fucking hoax pushed by leftists and globalists trying to destroy the US economy and throw us into anarchy.

    The flu is more deadly each year. The average age of a CV death is 78+. Anyone under 30 years of age has almost a zero percent chance of dying, and 75% of that age group suffers mild to no symptoms. The virus is fragile and cannot be spread via surfaces.

    Quarantine the sick and let the rest go back to their lives—just like a normal flu season. Say FUCK NO to these tyrannical leftist governors and their health department co-conspirators.

    • Dr. Faucibreath

      And, I will NEVER wear a mask. Stupid sheeples think those protects them. It is the costume of leftist fools and people who hate America.

      • Angelito

        You are the sheeple for not wearing a mask. When you get sick or infect someone you actually care about your attitude will change. Until the, you’ll still be a dick.

        • Angelito

          If I get sick (which nearly 75% of infected people do not), I will survive like over 98% of people who become infected. I hope I do not catch the flu because I have a MUCH higher chance of dying from flu over CV.

          Now, why the fuck are you shutting down the country? Oh—forgot—to create chaos and destroy the US economy. That’s right. That is the goal of all democrats. Nice folks, donchaknow.

  3. D Royal

    The ignorance in these comments is honestly sickening. Read a damn book.

  4. Dr. Faucibreath

    Sorry, not interested in The Communist Manifesto or Das Kapital. Both of those leftist treatises led to the deaths of millions and incredible poverty for billions.

    Why don’t you try the Federalist Papers or Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom?

    • Angelito

      The only left thing you like is your hand. That’s what you mom said, anyway.

      • Dr. Faucibreath

        Yawn. Loufa my stretch marks, kimosabe?

          • Dr. Faucibreath

            Clever. I guess you are an experienced online comment master. Never heard the mom insult before. How’d you come up with that?